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The Basic Rules And Natural Oils For Bronze Tan!

The Basic Rules And Natural Oils For Bronze Tan!

One of the best ways to get a beautiful Bronze Tan – “Sunkissed Glow” skin is to gradually and wisely expose yourself to the sun.

At the same time that is the best way to enjoy and also absorb the important vitamin D.

Of course, before you start to use the healthy natural oils, you have to look out for a few things.

If you are not careful then you will get burned, peeled, and also streaked skin.

In addition, it is dangerous to have such exposure without protection to the sun.

Sunbathing with natural oils is the healthiest option.

However, you have to respect basic rules like sunbathing in the afternoon, applying creams, refreshing, hydrating, etc.

To make your skin easier and better to get a bronze tan, it’s important to prepare it well.

The important key to getting this bronze tan is peeling.

Before you apply any of these natural oils, your skin needs to be completely clean to make the oils work.

It is recommended to be just 10-15 minutes on sunlight for each side of the body.

Start gradually to expose your skin, especially be careful if you have pale skin.

Wait first to get the first color and then start with the natural oils.

Natural oils for bronze tan

Hazelnut oil

One of the best oils for quicker tanning is certainly hazelnut oil.

It contains vitamin E and the skin absorbs it more quickly than is the case with other oils.

Coconut oil

Nutritionists recommend coconut oil primarily for those with sensitive skin, who want to get a bronze tan faster.

Other oils can even aggravate skin condition at people with sensitive skin.

Olive oil

Of course, we know that olive oil is good when it comes to faster tanning.

The new trick is to mix olive oil with carrot juice to get a darker tan.

If you like to prevent any burns you can add a tincture of iodine in the mixture.

Olive oil is recommended for those with dry skin, while wheat germ oil can alleviate the effects of sunburn such as wrinkles, skin lines or pigmentation problems.

Protection from the sun and sunburns

There are numerous thing how you can protect your sensitive skin from the sun and sunburns.

The green tea extracts are, however, the best in preventing sunburn.

They soften the skin, protects you from the harmful UV effects of the sun.

It would be best to mix green tea extracts with some of the oils for the best effect.

Of course, there is also the homemade natural oil for your protection from the sun.

You can find the recipe on the page Domestic Sun Oil, prepare it and get the desired bronze tan.

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