Home Beauty Beauticians Revealed! Golden Advice For Waxing Intimate Areas Without Pain And Bleeding!
Beauticians Revealed! Golden Advice For Waxing Intimate Areas Without Pain And Bleeding!

Beauticians Revealed! Golden Advice For Waxing Intimate Areas Without Pain And Bleeding!

Waxing Intimate Areas

If you prepare and do everything right, there will be no unpleasant accompanying consequence.

Going to waxing intimate areas for most women is not at all friendly.

That is why beauticians reveal little secrets that will facilitate everyone to experience!

-1. Do not bother with the appearance of your intimate areas

Beauticians are not here to condemn the appearance of your vulva.

They are not interested how it looks.

Waxing intimate areas are their daily work routine.

They performed waxing intimate areas professionally.

Beauticians just want to help you and feel more comfortable in your body.

Waxing intimate areas can be without pain and bleeding

-2. Depilation will not be as painful as you think

There is hardly a woman before the first waxing intimate areas waxing is not fearful of feeling terrible pain.

Of course, it’s not the most pleasant experience.

Waxing intimate areas are not painful as you think.

Of course, because you are in the hands of a professional who knows what are doing.

-3. Empty your bladder before waxing

If you feel the need, be sure to go to the bathroom.

The waxing intimate areas are significantly more unpleasant with a full bladder.

The beautician must tighten the skin and thus puts pressure on the bladder.

-4. Avoid any serious physical activity before waxing

If you are naturally prone to sweating, physical activity will encourage further sweating and condensation in the area of the vulva.

Therefore, waxing intimate areas will be more painful.

-5. Do not shave before waxing

For waxing, the hair must be at least 5 millimeters long.

Otherwise, it is difficult to properly capture and extract hair from the root.

For depilation with sugar-paste hair can be a little shorter, from 1 to 3 mm.

Be sure not to remove the hair with a razor before waxing.

Your hair will be too short and the waxing process will not be successful.

If the hair is too long, shorten them with scissors.

-6. Plan your depilation

A few days before, during and a few days after menstruation, avoid going to the hair removal.

The body is sensitive during menstruation and the feeling of pain is stronger.

Waxing may also be too “messy” during menstruation, but still, leave it for the days after the monthly cycle.

-7. Avoid physical activity after depilation

Minimum 12 to 24 hours after waxing intimate areas, avoid any kind of physical activity.

That includes sex because it can cause irritation and inflammation of intimate areas.



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