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The Best Exercises To Increase Breast Size Naturally!

The Best Exercises To Increase Breast Size Naturally!

There are some useful ingredients and also methods to increase breast size naturally.

Now is time to focus on the excellent exercises to increase breast size.

To increase breast size naturally you have to eat the right foods and focus on exercises of your chest.

These exercises are related mainly to the upper thorax.

The exercises below will also help you tighten your chest muscles.

When the pectoral muscles are strong and tense, they will raise and increase breast size.

Exercises to increase breast size naturally

Building chest muscles

Increase Breast Size 2


Pectoral muscles are below the breasts.

Working on these muscles can effectively help to increase breast size, and make them firm and raised.


Begin a series of ten pushups.

Start first by going on your knees and hands.

Extend your legs and slowly but surely the hands and start pushing.

If you can do ten pushups, that is great for you.

Take a quick break and do another ten.

Start slowly and gradually turn up the pushups by time.

Using weights

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Take the weights.

Start by lying on your back.

Lift the weights in the air and drop them again.

Weight lifting increases the tension in the chest muscles, strengthens them and tightens.

Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

You also need the bench for this exercise but you can do this exercise on the floor.

Start with stretching your hands, so they are parallel to the floor with a weight in each hand.

Start by lifting weights.

Then put your hands down.

Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Although these instructions are effective, it will require hard work and sweat, but you will enjoy and that’s good.

Create circles hands

Increase Breast Size 4

Describing circles with your arms are a great exercise to stimulate breast tissue.

What does that mean exactly?

To have larger breast, it is necessary to increase a tissue.

In addition, describing circles with your arms is the ideal way to do it.

The exercise is simple and fun.


– Make sure to get a few light weights.

– Keep one in each hand.

– Raise your arms to shoulder height

– Begin by describing circles at a slower speed

– The point is to see how fast you can, but steady speed will increase the breast tissue

Massage to increase breast size

Increase Breast Size 5

There is one really interesting fact.

Did you know that regular massage of your breasts for about 20 -25 minutes a day can effectively increase your breasts in less than a month?

This is probably one of the most effective methods to for your beautiful breasts.

When massaging the breast, you are increasing the bloodstream and also flow of phytoestrogens in the bloodstream.

This technique increases the production of prolactin, a hormone that increases breast.


– Rub your hands together.

– Friction causes heat so that your hands become warm.

– Be sure to massage the breasts inward.

– Opposite clockwise direction left breast and in a clockwise direction on the right breast

– Repeat this technique every morning and night for 10 -15 minutes.

These exercises are also good if you have sagging breasts.

All of these methods are some of the best exercises for breast and are known to increase breast naturally.


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