Home Health It Is The Best To Use Himalayan Salt! Here Are The Reasons!
It Is The Best To Use Himalayan Salt! Here Are The Reasons!

It Is The Best To Use Himalayan Salt! Here Are The Reasons!

Himalayan Salt

Do you know that the best salt for our body is Himalayan salt?

Summer is the time when we need a little more salt, but not bad good to know that not all salts have the same health benefits.

Refined table salt does not benefit our body as a kind of pure, unrefined type, such as, for example, the Himalayan salt.

Salt is necessary for our body, among other health benefits, to transport nutrients to the cells, regulates blood pressure, it performs ion-exchange and the like.

Himalayan salt is the best salt for our body

One of the best in terms of nutrition and “complete” salts that are available today is definitely the Himalayan salt.

This is a salt that is formed over millions of years on the Himalayas.

In addition, among sodium chloride, contains a large number of minerals, which give her a special pink color.

According to the results of spectral analysis, Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements – which is an incredible number when you take into account that the total number of elements known to science until now 118!

Because of the minerals Himalayan pink salt can:

– Improve circulation

– Regulate hydration

– Create an electrolyte balance

– Prevent muscle cramping

Sinus irrigation

– Improves condition of our sleep

– Regulate water content outside and inside cells

– Promotes health of our arteries

– Dissolve and destroy sediment to get rid of toxins

– It can balance pH and can help to decrease acid flux

– Help in proper function of our metabolism

Lower blood pressure

– Strengthen our bones

– Improve digestion (help our intestines for better absorbing nutrients)

– Prevent goiters

– Purify air

In comparison, refined salt contains only pure sodium chloride, to which was subsequently added iodine.

According to the law, a table salt that is used in the diet should be iodized.

Thus, the introduction of Himalayan salt in the diet can contribute to making up for the deficit of some minerals in the body.

Himalayan salt contains five minerals which it is known that most people need – iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium.

Of course, sodium is the most present compound from all of the minerals which are inside Himalayan salt.

Although today Sodium has a bad name because it has too much of the processed foods, the body needs sodium, and it is better in unprocessed form.

It helps to regulate blood volume and hence blood pressure, helps to control muscle contraction, heart function and operation of nerve.

The recommended daily dose of sodium is 1.5 to 2 grams for men and the women from 9 to 50 years – one teaspoon of Himalayan salt contains about 0.4 grams of sodium.

Although Himalayan salt is commonly used in food, because of its rich mineral composition it is also an excellent ingredient for an outdoor detoxification.

For example, it is an excellent additive for your relaxing in a bathtub.

Minerals and ions from the Himalayan salt easily penetrate in our skin, doing a specific type of cleansing and detoxification.

Also, this salt has a positive effect on the air we breathe.

There are lamps that are made of Himalayan salt.

When the lamps turn on, they slowly and gradually emit negative ions in the air (that are the ions that cause good mood and a sense of relief, as you feel after the rain).

In addition, these negative ions remove from the air and bind the positive ions (causing heaviness and tension, as you feel after the storm).

Also, particles these lamps emit into the air neutralize and bind with them various pollutants.


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