The Best Weight Loss Breakfast! Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days! (RECIPE)

Weight Loss Breakfast

A weight loss breakfast dieting is becoming more popular all over the world.

Weight loss breakfast means having breakfast as a king, have a lunch as a prince, and having dinner as a poor man.

The key to successful weight loss is not just the total amount of calories.

The key to losing weight is also the time of the food intake.

If you stick to this diet treatment, you can lose weight so that the kilograms will no longer return.

As you know, the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The breakfast provides the necessary energy for the rest of the day.

Weight loss breakfast treatment

In the book “The Big Breakfast”, a breakfast of 600 to 850 calories before 9 o’clock in the morning will act as an ally of metabolism.

In addition, it will drastically stimulate weight loss and balance hormones and burn fat deposits.

An abundant breakfast will trigger metabolism, but it is crucial that breakfast is rich in protein and fiber.

If you follow all the rules of your weight loss breakfast treatment, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 30 days.

At the same time, you can eat ice cream, pies, and food that other weight loss treatments do not allow.

There is a stricter version of this weight loss treatment for breakfast.

It`s consuming about 600 calories for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner up to 300 calories.

It’s very important to have breakfast 15 minutes after getting up.

Even those who do not feel hungry after two weeks will be adjusted to this treatment and fell hungry.

What can you eat?

Each day begins with abundant breakfast and separation for at least half an hour to enjoy it.

The example of weight loss breakfast is:

– 3 egg whites

– 50 grams of low-fat cheese

– 50 grams of ham


– A half muffin with cheese

– 200 ml of cereal flakes

Strawberry smoothie

Chocolate cake

From day to day:

A breakfast should consist of seven portions of protein:

– Two portions of dairy products

– 2 portions of carbohydrates

– Two portions of fat

– One serving of sweet desert

A lunch should consist of:

– Three portions of protein:

– Three portions of low-calorie vegetables

– Two portions of vegetables with a starch

– One portion of fruits

A dinner should consist of:

– Three portions of protein:

– Two portions of vegetables with a starch

– Two portions of fruit

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