Home Drinks Beverage That Treat Clogged Arteries And Blood Fat Levels!
Beverage That Treat Clogged Arteries And Blood Fat Levels!

Beverage That Treat Clogged Arteries And Blood Fat Levels!

The combination of the daily consumption of these three ingredients will destroy the clogged arteries.

In addition, you will get rid of fat in your blood.

It is a drink that you can make from garlic, lemon, and ginger.

There are countless health benefits of this drink.

It is a combination of three super healthy foods that we have almost always in our kitchen.

Also, the fact is, that they can make a very positive health effects on your body.

The main purposes of this elixir are:

– The treatment and prevention of clogged arteries (atherosclerosis)

– Regulation of the elevated blood fat

– Prevent a general fatigue of the body

– Prevent and treat infections and colds

– Intensive strengthening of the immune system

– Cleansing the liver

– Improve liver enzymes

– Preventing free radicals in the body that cause the most serious diseases (cancer, etc.)

– Also, a number of other conditions associated with diseases of the heart and circulatory system

The biggest problem with garlic is an odor.

However, you will notice that in this recipe its odor is almost completely neutralized.

At the same time, you will have all health benefits from these ingredients.

Recipe for clogged arteries

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 4 large whole heads of garlic (40 cloves)

– 4 whole lemons with lemon peel

– A small ginger root (3-4 cm) or two tablespoons of ginger powder

– 2 liters of fresh water

Preparation of the beverage:

Wash lemons and cut into pieces.

If lemons are not organic then wash them with a solution of vinegar and water.

Peel the garlic and put together with lemon and ginger in your blender.

Blend all together until you get a uniform mass.

The mixture add in a metal pan, pour 2 liters of water and heat altogether, with stirring, to the boiling point.

Prior to the boiling point take off and let it aside to cool down.

Strain through a dense medium strainer put into glass bottles and put in your refrigerator.

How to use?

You need to consume one glass of 2 dl from this beverage every day at least 2 hours before meals.

Also, you can consume this beverage on a completely empty stomach.

The treatment lasts 3 weeks with a daily intake of one glass after which you need to make a break for one week.

You can continue and repeat treatment again in the same cycle.

If a taste does not match to your taste, you can add honey to your desire.

After 3 weeks of use, you should feel a regeneration of your body from using this beverage.

In addition, this beverage is a useful prevention of calcification in your body that can cause the stones in your organs and congestion in the blood ways.

The combination of organic lemon, fresh water, and cooking will also neutralize the unpleasant smell of garlic.

You need to shake the bottle before every use to mix up lemon and garlic on the bottom with the juice.

From the experience of other people, we can say that this is an excellent drink for older people.

It gives them energy, strength, and rejuvenates them because after a few weeks improves their circulation.

Do not hesitate and try this healthy beverage for your overall health.



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