Bitter Melon Kills Cancer Cells Up To 98 Percent, Prevents Diabetes, Improves Vision!

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is a very useful fruit that has a rather bitter taste.

In addition, looks like a cucumber, but also has much more warty wrinkles.

It grows in a humid and warm climate and is also most commonly found in South America and Asia.

This plant is traditionally used in medicine in China, Africa, India, and the southeastern United States.

This amazing fruit contains large amounts of nutrients and very little calories.

It is also an excellent source of magnesium, manganese, dietary fiber, phosphorus, zinc vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B9 –folate, and vitamin C.

In addition, it contains twice as much beta-carotene as broccoli and lots of iron.

Also, it has two times more potassium than bananas and two times more calcium than spinach.

The only thing that is negative about these foods is its bitter taste and it refuses many people to consume.

Health benefits of bitter melon

Dr. Frank A. Shallenberger who specializes in anti-aging and alternative medicine, has used this plant to fight against pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Frank A. Shallenberger, discovered that bitter melon was effective in inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Also, his advice for the patients is to consume natural substances such this fruit that inhibit cancer cell growth.

In his latest research, he found that juice from this fruit, dissolved in water up to 5%, is very effective against pancreatic cancer.

This fruit has destroyed cancer cells in the percentage of 90-98%.

In addition, this fruit was later examined at the University of Colorado.

Also, at the University it was discovered that this fruit reduced the pancreatic tumor size for 64 %.

Other health benefits of bitter melon

However, this is just one of the benefits of bitter melon. It is also used as a remedy for:

High blood pressure

– Asthma

– Skin infections

– Diabetes symptoms

– Stomach problems

It has been proven that regular consumption of juice from this fruit increases the energy of the organism.

This fruit is an excellent source of folate.

Consuming of the fruit in pregnancy reduces the possibility of nerve damage in newborn babies.

The fruit contains polypeptide-P, a phytonutrient that lowers blood sugar levels.

It also contains a compound that enhances glycogen synthesis and glucose absorption.

On that way, it supports the treatment of diabetes type 2.

Improves immunity

Juice of bitter melon helps the body to fight against infections.

High beta-carotene content is very positive for eyesight and eye problems.

It also promotes liver regeneration due to over-consumption of alcohol.

At the same time, it stimulates peristalsis and improves digestion.

Regular consumption of the juice of this fruit reduces the symptoms of psoriasis and other fungal infections such as athletic foot and dermatophytosis.

The best way to consume a bitter melon

Unlike other veggies and fruits, you need to rip fruit while is green.

You need also avoid the one that is already becoming orange.

The orange colored fruit has a more bitter taste.

This melon is the supplement in healthy meals characteristic of Japanese cuisine.

Dried and grinded melon is used to prepare ice tea or milk tea in some East Asian regions.

Also, in India, it is often filled with a mixture of spices called garam masala, along with green hot peppers, tomatoes, onions, and other ingredients.

You can also use this melon for pickling.

Definitely, it is worth to eat this fruit, though it’s bitter, and it would be ideal to include it in your regular diet.



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