Bitter Melon Kills Up To 98% Of Cancer Cells And Stops Diabetes

Bitter Melon


The best way to fight diseases is to look and find a natural way solution.

We are always looking for the best natural ingredient that is throwing a “monkey wrench” into the strange metabolism of cancer cells.

The most important thing is to kill dangerous cancer cells and leave untouched normal cells.

Today we will tell you about one plant that successfully works and kills cancer cells and is more efficient than chemo drugs.

In fact, this plant is working also on pancreatic cells of cancer, which we know that are particularly very difficult to destroy.

Bitter melon is natural solution for cancer and diabetes

Momordica charantia has other names like bitter gourd, balsam pear, bitter squash or the most common bitter lemon is a fruit from Asia continent.

Bitter melon is a very popular fruit among the long living population of Okinawa in Japan.

It was showed that 5% diluted juice from this plant in water has a remarkable powerful potency.

Bitter melon juice is destroying all 4 pancreatic cancer cells lines – studies show.

It`s reducing the viability of 2 cancer cell lines with efficient 0f 90%.

The other 2 lines were staggering by 98% successfully.

All of this was shown just after 72 hours. Of treatment!

Maybe you have been heard about apoptosis.

Apoptosis is a natural way of dealing with wayward cells.

The cells simply kill themselves.

The juice from a bitter lemon is inducing this programmed cancer cell death on several different pathways.

In fact, is activating a pathway where it will knock out the metabolism of glucose for the cancer cells.

With other words, it starved the cancer cells of the sugar that they need to survive.

These laboratory studies are applying to living animals.

The University of Colorado studies gave mice a bitter melon juice and mice had a 64% reduction in the pancreatic tumor side without any side effects!

This numbers of effectiveness are better than the common used medical chemo drugs for this dangerous and lethal cancer.

The big pharmaceutical companies are rushing to find petrochemicals to achieve something that Mother Nature put into the bitter melon.

It`s provocation for the “Big Pharma” that a simple natural plant can starve dangerous cancer cells of their fuel.

Today you don`t need anymore some fancy chemicals to consume and make it happen.

The other thing is that bitter melon can help diabetics as well.

Recent studies found that this plant is ameliorating metabolic syndrome by its important beneficial effects on a metabolism of glucose.

These are wonderful news that is coming from this amazing natural ingredient.

REF: Science News, 3/12/2013

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