Black Cumin Heals Everything Except Death! Remedy From Ancient Egypt For A Hundred Diseases! (RECIPE)

Black Cumin

At the time when natural medicines were used, the black cumin (Nigella sativa) had an enviable role.

In ancient Egypt, the physicians practiced carrying the seeds of semen blacks with them.

In addition, that covered the most common diseases like:

– Bloating

– Stomach pain

– Pulmonary diseases

– Also, urination problems

Nowadays, for black cumin, nutritionists claim: “It can heal all the diseases except death”.

The basic role of this amazing herb is in balancing immunity.

That is thanks to a large percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (the organism cannot produce it alone).

They also enable the synthesis of immune regulatory substances – prostaglandins (substances similar to hormones)

Unsaturated fatty acids stabilize the cell membranes and, at the same time, prostaglandins prevent inflammation.

Therefore, this herb interrupts the immune response that results in the disease.

In addition, prostaglandins help smooth muscle work.

In that way, it improves healing and peristaltic intestines, hormones, central nervous system, and metabolism.

Black cumin is a universal remedy

Due to its richness in unsaturated fatty acids, it also helps to:

– Regulate cholesterol

– PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

– Rheumatic diseases

– Eczema

Multiple sclerosis

It acts as a natural remedy to treat insomnia and also other mild depressive conditions.

Undoubtedly the greatest glory, this herb gains in the fight against bronchial asthma and also cough.

Successful trio: T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, and black cumin

From 1960 to today, more than 200 universities across the globe investigated the mutually beneficial effects of this herb, T lymphocytes, and also B lymphocytes.

What is it all about?

The immune system of our organism “works” thanks to the successful system of T lymphocytes and also B lymphocytes.

B lymphocytes

B lymphocytes produce antibodies and one part of them is stored.

T lymphocytes

At the same time, T lymphocytes represent a special group of defensive cells.

The largest numbers of T lymphocytes are so-called helper cells that activate killer cells (cytotoxic T lymphocytes) and destroy the cells attacked by the virus cells.

Therefore, they stimulate B lymphocytes to produce antibodies.

At the same time, the remaining T cells take care of the smooth presence of the helper cell and the cell of the killer.

If there is any disruption of the balance in this mechanism, we can talk about a disturbed immune system.

Also, that results in various diseases (eczema, asthma, herpes, diabetes …).

In addition, to achieve the harmony of this system, black cumin oil has a great role to play.

Where to find black oil?

Nowadays, self-picking and making oil would be a pretty tough job.

However, this job is already done by someone.

Therefore, you can find black cumin oil in pharmacies or health food stores.

How to use black cumin oil?

Pain in the joints

Warm up the oil and also massage twice a day a painful place.

Improper problems such as bloating

In 20 milliliters of warm milk, add a teaspoon of natural honey and two teaspoons of this oil.

Also, you need to take three times a day before meals.


Mix a teaspoon of black cumin oil and also 20 ml of yogurt – take twice a day.


You need to mix:

– 50 ml of black cumin oil

– 30 ml of common marigold oil

– 20 ml of wheat germ oil

– 20 drops of lavender oil

– Also, 8 drops of frankincense oil

In addition, clean the skin and gently massage the affected parts of the skin.

Asthma, bronchitis, and also sinusitis

Every morning before breakfast, mix two teaspoons of natural honey and also one teaspoon of black cumin oil.

In addition, you need to add mashed garlic and mix all ingredients together.

Also, you need to do inhalation for 15 minutes every day at least one week.

Prevention of illness

As a preventive agent, you can also use 12 drops of black cumin oil every day.

You need to know also about 10 exceptional and amazing health benefits of this herb against:

Colon cancer

– Epilepsy

Diabetes type 2


– Also a heart attack

Breast cancer

– Leukemia

– Brain cancer

– Brain damage from lead

– Oral cancer

In addition, here you will find scientifically proves about those 10 health benefits of black cumin seeds.


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