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Black Cumin Oil! Essential Oil That Will Surprise You!

Black Cumin Oil! Essential Oil That Will Surprise You!

You may have heard of black cumin oil.

Black cumin people know by different names, also including Roman cumin, black cumin, etc.

But no matter how people know this herb, black cumin oil as a medicine has numerous health benefits.

The health benefits of cumin start from the elimination of harmful bacteria and diseases to regenerate cells and tissues of the body.

In addition black cumin oil there are available and black cumin capsules.

Black cumin oil as a medicine

Historically, black cumin people use as a medicine for a long time, more than 2000 years.

Oil of black cumin as a medicine once was used for:



– Congestion of the nose

– Intestinal parasites

– Conjunctivitis

– Abscesses

– Other parasites

Today, natural medicine use black cumin oil for:

– Treatment of gastrointestinal conditions, also including gases

Cancer treatment

– Colic

– Diarrhea

– Dysentery

– Reducing blood pressure

– Constipation

– Strengthen the immune system

– Hemorrhoids

– Respiratory diseases, also including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu, swine flu, and congestion

Lowering cholesterol

– Women for contraception

– To start menstruation

– To increase the flow of milk

Anti-obesity properties and decreasing weight

The list is endless, people use black cumin oil for almost everything.

People sometimes use Nigella sativa in combination with saffron, vitamin E, cysteine and to ease the side effects of chemotherapy due to the use of the drug cisplatin.

Some people apply the oil of black cumin directly on the skin for the joints (rheumatism), and headache.

Black cumin oil treats skin and skin diseases

In addition, many people use black cumin in food as a flavoring or seasoning.

How black cumin oil works?

There is scientific evidence to suggest that black cumin can help strengthen the immune system, fight cancer, preventing pregnancy, and also it can reduce allergic reactions, acting as an antihistamine.

However, research on health effects of this oil has been and continues to date.

Black cumin – healing:
-1. Diabetes type 2

The researchers discover that only two grams of black cumin daily give results and can also reduce the level of sugar in blood and reduction of insulin resistance.

At the same time is increasing the function of beta-cells in the pancreas.

-2. Epilepsy

One study shows that the black cumin oil is effective in decreasing the frequency of seizures in the children who have resisted conventional treatment.

This oil has anticonvulsive properties.

-3. Colon cancer

One study discovers that this oil as a medicine has anti-cancer properties, inhibits cell growth of colon cancer, in particular.

In one animal study, Black cumin oil helps with success in the fight against colon cancer in rats, without noticeable side effects.

The same obviously we cannot say for conventional cancer treatment.

-4. MRSA bacterium

This bacterium is deadly and resistant to antibiotics.

Bacterial infection known as MRSA, respond positively to treatment with black cumin oil, in the context of a study at the University of Pakistan.

-5. Protection from damage due to a heart attack

The oil of black cumin has protective properties for the heart.

This oil helps your heart after a heart attack and increases the general health of the heart.

-6. Breast cancer

Several studies are connecting extract thymoquinone in this oil with a reduction in breast tumor growth and also increase apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells of the breast.

-7. Brain cancer

Thymoquinone from the oil can cause cell death in glioblastoma cells.

Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive brain tumors.

-8. Leukemia

It is shown in connection with other types of cancer, that compound thymoquinone also induces apoptosis in leukemia cells.

-9. Brain damage from lead

The study suggests that black cumin oil as a medicine can alleviate and reverse the brain damage from lead poisoning.

-10. Oral Cancer

Research shows that thymoquinone can induce cell apoptosis in the cells of oral cancer.

Do not forget that black cumin oil treats skin problems and skin diseases and help you to keep good skin care.

Even this oil can treat almost all diseases there can be black cumin oil side effects at some people.

For sure you will find the health benefits of this amazing oil useful for you, your friends or even your family.

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