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Black Mulberry! Unfairly Neglected Super Fruit!

Black Mulberry! Unfairly Neglected Super Fruit!

For white and black mulberry we can say that are unfairly neglected super fruit.

In fact, both types are much more used earlier in folk medicine.

Beneficial black mulberry is valuable and healthy supplements because it is in them to contain substances with a high potential for prevention for many diseases.

You can use them fresh, or you can prepare healthy mulberry juice.

Black mulberry is a fruit that looks quite reminiscent of blackberries and has diverse properties.

At the same time, this fruit has very few calories.

There are two kinds of mulberry widespread in Europe – white and black mulberry.

The leaves of the white mulberry tree have been used as an important raw material since it is fed silkworm.

This plant comes from China, Japan, and India, and in Europe, it is brought by Marco Polo in 1271.

On the other hand, black mulberry comes from ancient Persia and Arabia.

Since ancient times it was used for its medicinal properties.

Even the ancient Romans discovered its valuable properties and used it against infections and intestinal parasites.

In addition, this fruit is also used for the treatment of burns.

The healing properties of black mulberry are outstanding

These little berries are incredibly healing and healthy.

Mulberry fruits contain sugars (fructose and glucose), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, many minerals, and precious fibers.

Black mulberry has a low calorific value, a little more than 43 kcal per 100 grams.

That`s why is good to consume in low-calorie diet and different weight loss treatments.

It contains plenty of flavonoids.

The mulberries are anthocyanins – also flavonoids – which give a red color to this fruit.

In addition, black mulberry possesses antioxidant properties and acts against aging.

Another potent antioxidant is the resveratrol, which breaks cholesterol and thus successfully reduces the risk of developing many cardiovascular diseases.

Many laboratories are now dealing with isolation and extraction of active ingredients of mulberry fruits.

Do not throw the leaves of mulberry

In addition to fruit, the leaves, and the root are also reach in antioxidants.

The leaves of mulberry are used in Korea by diabetics because they contain specific types of flavonoids.

On the other hand, Chinese Traditional Medicine advises the use of white mulberry in the case of anemia and constipation.

The last study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Naples.

The extract of white mulberry along with other nutritious products lowers LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar levels.

The fruits of mulberry have a strong anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.

At the same time, they prevent many cardiovascular diseases (recommended for those who suffer from hypertension) and have a positive impact on the overall work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Black mulberry has a soothing effect on the central nervous system and promotes a better and lighter sleep.

Therefore, it is good and healthy to eat mulberries in the evening, in order to have a quality sleep.

In the past, the mulberry was used as a mouthwash, in order to reduce inflammation in the mouth and throat.

The leaves have antibiotic and diuretic properties and prevent inflammation of the mouth and urinary tract.

Finally, the mulberry is an anti-age ingredient, and it is a very common ingredient in cosmetics.

Mulberry juice, you can obtain from the fruit and is a drink that boosts the immune system and ensures longevity.

Black mulberry has anthocyanin that:

– Protects the nervous system and is good for optimum brain function

– Prevents the occurrence of tumors and cancers

– Reduces obesity and has anti-obesity properties

– Have anti-diabetes properties

Due to the precious vitamin A in this fruit, it`s good to drink at least 2 dl mulberry juice during the day.

On that way, you will improve vision and prevent eye fatigue.

This healing potion is healthy and useful for people that sit a long time at the computer and into the small hours or you got a job to impose.

The same rule applies to all persons who hold long viewing on the screens of mobile phones, tablets, and all modern novelties.

A long time viewing on the screens we have to admit, definitely take the time and spoil the vision.

The recipe for the mulberry juice

In three kilograms of fruit mulberry and two liters of water add the 30 grams of tartaric acid.

Leave the mixture all day to rest (24 hours).

Strain the mixture and cook with sugar (in the ratio 1: 1 with the juice).

You need to cook on low heat and remove foam from time to time.

This soothing drink is very useful for severe disease, but also in recovery after surgery.

It will accelerate the process of wound healing, prevent potential infection, and will improve circulation throughout the body.

Black mulberry may be consumed and after childbirth, mild juice of mulberry is healthy for young mothers.

This juice will even accelerate hair growth.

In addition, it improves the appearance of the scalp if you rub the pure juice on the scalp.

It will not harm in any way, nor will change your hair color.

Moreover, it will help to keep its natural look and shine.

Tea made from mulberry leaves for diabetics

Pour 50 grams of crushed leaves of the black mulberry with 500ml boiling water and cover.

Keep beverage closed for at least ten hours, but be sure to stir occasionally.

After all, tea from mulberry well-dosed strain and drink small sips during the day.

This is an ideal drink for a diabetic is good for patients that suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

The mulberry dried leaves are a part of a number of tea blends and drinks for weight loss.

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