BLACK TEA – A famous natural remedy

Black Tea

Black Tea
Black tea has a long tradition and even as a long list of healing properties.

Thanks to its qualities it is by far the most popular and best-selling tea in the Western world, although in the field of herbal medicine green tea intensely propagated.

Black tea is actually darker “brother of” green tea because both originate from the same plant, whose Latin name is Camellia sinensis.

These two relatives have another “brother” that English people are too happy to drink.

His name is “white tea”. What type of a tea will come from the leaves of Camellia sinensis – black, green or white tea, tea producer decided by applying different types of treatment.

In that process, one of the most important factors is the degree of fermentation (oxidation).

Black tea is fully fermented and thus got a dark color and piercing rich taste.

Then, in relation to their “brothers” and it contains the highest level of caffeine which means, among other things, it`s made from the leaves that grow on top of the plant.

More details about that are written on the page green tea.

For this reason, generally we cannot talk about how much caffeine contain one cup of black tea, but in any case is much less than one cup of coffee.

Black tea is brother of green tea

Around the world are constantly conducting studies on the subject of the healing properties of black tea based on the results in the first place points out the beneficial effect on our cardiovascular system.

The regular consumption of black tea prevents the clogging of the arteries that leads to heart attacks and brain stroke.

At Boston University School of Medicine conducted a month-long trial, in which were involved two groups of heart patients.

One group was during this period drank only water and the second four cups of black tea per day.

After a month, the group of patients who drank black tea was found in about 50% of the improvement of the weakened blood vessels, which significantly reduces the risk factor of a possible heart attack or brain stroke.

In addition to this effect on the arteries, black tea acts directly on the heart, brain and breathing function.

The strength of this tea which acts on our body increases with higher levels of caffeine which can have in itself because it is the most important substance which irritates these vital centers.

The caffeine in black tea is irritating cerebral cortex, which contributes to better understand things and quick connect thoughts.

This automatically makes that all intellectual acts are done with less effort: easier to learn, remember, communications …

Then, black tea refreshes and reduce fatigue and sleepiness.

Black tea affects better the muscles and reflexes and favors athletes and others in which are an essential quick response.

Thanks to caffeine and its effect on the respiratory center black tea improve the function of breathing, increases lung ventilation that contributes to breathing easier and more pleasant feel.

Similarly, is stimulating the work of heart and blood circulation.

As for its antioxidant properties, they are right next to the green tea which is widely known that, as they were very similar and complete composition.

The fewer free radicals that greater protection from cancer and slow aging.

At Milton Schiffenbauer Pace University was found that black and green tea deactivates viruses, including herpes.

According to some research black tea, destroys bacteria, particularly those that may pollute the digestive tract and cause diarrhea.

Drinking cups of black tea have the chance to destroy bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

Well, this pleasant an Eastern drink that has long since moved to the West can really be of great benefit to our health.

For true lovers of tea, quality, black tea is a true pleasure that does not need absolutely nothing to add or subtract.

If you now ask yourself what is the better choice for you.

Green tea or black tea?

If you tolerate caffeine you are free to decide alone and certainly you will not make a mistake.

Like green tea has also a great effect if you like to lose weight because can burn your calories on the natural way.

Note: Excessive intake of caffeine can have very harmful consequences for the organism so you need to pay attention.

In medicinal purposes recommended a daily dose of black tea is 3-4 cups.

The maximum daily dose of black tea for adults is 8 cups and all over it could cause food poisoning.

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