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Black Tea Is Three Times Better Than Morning Coffee!

Black Tea Is Three Times Better Than Morning Coffee!

You just do not have to overdose – one cup of black tea per day is quite enough.

Nowadays, the drink that is most often used for breakfast is definitely coffee.

Although caffeine raises the energy level in your body, it does work shortly.

In addition, if you drink it with milk and sugar, it will also affect your line.

On the other hand, morning drinking of black tea may be the optimal drink that will satisfy the need to raise energy in the morning.

At the same time, it has a positive effect the human body.

This tea that is the brother of green tea, meet the morning need for caffeine.

Also, it has a rather unusual effect on weight loss.

Black tea can produce healthy bacteria in the intestines and can also stimulate better metabolism.

Weight loss with black tea

Researchers from the University of California with different nutrition in mice and with the addition of black tea showed that the number of bacteria pseudobutyrivibrio increased.

That is favorably influenced the work of metabolism.

Black tea has launched the work of microbes (microorganisms in metabolism), which improve health and reduce weight.

For lovers of this tea, this is just another reason why they need to continue their good habit.

The molecules of this natural tea are larger and remain in the intestines instead of absorbing.

Therefore, they enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria and create microbial metabolites involved in metabolic regulation.

The good side of black tea:

– Increases energy

– Raises and also strengthens concentration

– It’s also natural antioxidant

– It is preventative in some forms of cancer

– Reduces the risk of diabetes

– Also, it lowers cholesterol

– Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

– It is preventative in osteoporosis

– Also, it promotes faster metabolism

– Reduces the risk of heart attack

The bad side of this tea (if you drink 3 or more cups a day):

– Increases anxiety

Sleep problems

– Headaches

– Frequent urination

– Improper heart rhythm

– Nausea and also vomiting

– Nervousness and also discomfort

– Buzzing in the ears

– Tremor

– It can also worsen anemia

– Increases the numbness of the heart


– Helps the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

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