Blood Picture Has To Be Repaired!

Blood Picture

Learn how to make homemade syrup for a great blood picture.

Do you know that poor blood picture also leads to many other health problems?

Symptoms of this phenomenon are the constant feeling of fatigue and also feeling without the wish to do anything.

If you’ve recognized yourself and think that it’s time to repair your blood picture, this is the cure for you.

How to repair blood picture

To repair your blood count, take this syrup twice a year and also drink for about 20 days.

You need to drink syrup every morning on an empty stomach until you consume the whole amount.

Recipe for the syrup

Ingredients that you need for the preparation of syrup are:

– 1 kg of beetroot

– A half-kilogram of carrots

– Also a juice from 1 lemon

– 2-3 oranges

– 2 sour apples

– Also 500 grams of meadow honey


The preparation of the syrup is not complicated.

You need to cut the beetroot, carrots and also apples into smaller pieces.

Put them in a juicer and also squeeze the juice from lemon and oranges.

In addition, from lemons and oranges, you need to squeeze juice manually and mix with the previous one.

Finally, add a small jar from natural honey (the best would be a meadow honey).

After, you need to mix all ingredients to dissolve well honey and juice.

The number of oranges can also be greater because they are added mainly due to taste and smell.

Put the finished syrup into glass bottles.

For instance, with this procedure, you will get about one liter and half to two liters of syrup.

In addition, this homemade syrup is enough for 15-20 days.

You need to drink syrup every morning in an amount of about 1 dl on an empty stomach until the whole amount is consumed.

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