Body Cleanse Recipe! Clean The Blood Vessels And Intestines With Folk Medicine!

Body Cleanse

Frequent colds, infections, fatigue, drowsiness, and lower concentration are signs that you need body cleanse treatment.

All of those signs above are evidence of toxins presence in the body, malignant bacteria, and other harmful substances.

It is time to use body cleanse treatment – an efficient natural remedy for these problems.

You need to use body cleanse treatment at least once every six months, or twice a year.

As you know, the accumulation of toxins in the body can lead to various and dangerous diseases.

Frequent colds, infections, fatigue, drowsiness, lower concentration – all this is evidence of the presence of toxins in the body, malignant bacteria and other dangerous and harmful substances.

An effective natural remedy of Russian folk medicine consists of kefir and buckwheat flour.

Kefir is an “elixir of youth and health”.

The buckwheat flour has excellent medical properties:

– Strengthens the body

– Nourishes the blood vessels

– Eliminates fatigue

– Increases circulation in the hands and feet

– Boosts urination

– It’s great for memory and concentration (especially for the elderly)

– It lowers pressure

– Lowers arteriosclerosis

– Helps for constipation

Combined with kefir, this healthy ingredient:

– Reduces blood sugar levels

– Also, it cleanses intestines

– Cleanse the blood vessels

– Normalizes pancreatic metabolism and action

– Increases blood hemoglobin levels

This is a miraculous folk and also natural remedy!

Body cleanse recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

–  180 ml of kefir

– 1 tablespoon of buckwheat flour

Preparation of the recipe:

Mix kefir and buckwheat flour in the evening and leave the mixture in the fridge.

If you plan to have breakfast, stir the mixture and consume it a half hour before a meal.

If you like you can also add and little honey by your desire.

It is best to take this body cleanse mixture instead of breakfast, so for the next three hours, you will not eat anything.

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