Cabbage Juice, Best Against Stomach And Intestinal Diseases! Forgotten King Of Natural Medicine!

Cabbage Juice

Folk medicine uses cabbage juice as a remedy for the stomach, but also as a healthy beverage rich in vitamins and minerals.

Here we think of sweet juice from raw cabbage, because there is also a juice from sauerkraut – kraut juice.

The best is a juice of fresh young sweet cabbage.

This juice has long been known as a juice that prevents stomach, gastritis, and ulcer diseases.

However, this juice has other health benefits that you can use.

There are also those people who do not like this healthy juice because they get bloating.

Therefore, they need to limit the intake of this juice or to avoid it.

Healthy uses from cabbage juice

Cabbage juice is rich in antioxidants and is good in defense of cancerous organisms.

Cabbage is also high on a scale of foods that are good as a cancer preventive.

Nutritionists consider that cabbage is particularly good when taken regularly against:

– Stomach cancer

Colon cancer

Breast cancer

– Lung cancer

This juice has a gentle laxative effect, meaning it is useful for regular discharge of the intestines and also constipation.

It contains amino acid glutamine, which has the role of:

– Cleansing the intestines

– Also, cleansing the whole organism

– Improving the repair of the stomach mucous membrane

– Regenerating and leads to healing

In addition, this juice contains useful ingredients that help strengthen the blood in anemia.

Increased immunity will have people who regularly drink this healthy juice because they contain significant amounts of vitamin C.

This drink is very suitable for all those who need to lose weight.

It contains a few calories and you can also use it during a cabbage diet and also other diets.

Cabbage juice is also used for outdoor use in the case of ulcers, blisters, and wounds on the skin.

Nutritive value

In this juice in 1952, was found vitamin U, which prevents stomach ulcers and duodenum.

In addition, cabbage juice contains other valuable ingredients such as vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B3, amino acids, and carbon hydrates, which are easily absorbed.

Also, it is abundant with minerals potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron.

Preparation of fresh cabbage juice

It is best to pour the raw cabbage in a juicer.

You can use white or red cabbage.

The head is washed and cut into pieces and then you can put into a juicer.

The procedure is the same as when you make some other fruit and also vegetable juices.

You can drink this juice without sweetener, and also you can combine it with some other vegetables.

However, if you drink as a stomach remedy, then you should drink pure cabbage juice or cabbage juice with carrot juice.

This is because the carrots have a beneficial effect on the stomach.

This juice as a remedy for the stomach you need to consume 3 times a day, 1 dl of juice, before meals.

Health benefits of cabbage juice:

Anti-cancer properties

– Treats Colitis

– Helps in weight loss

– Prevents ulcers

– Fights inflammation

– Also, fights anemia

– Abundant in antioxidants

– Prevents aging

– Improves skin glowing

– Against hair loss

– Detoxifies your body

– Improves your brain function

– Lowers levels of cholesterol

– Balances body hormone levels


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