Calcium Deficiency Has Serious Consequences!


Calcium is one of the most widespread alkaline earth metals and also, in general, the elements in nature.

It is very important for human and plant life.

Human bones contain calcium in the form of phosphate and carbonate.

In addition, its deficiency causes rickets.

The consequences of this illness are bones deformation and swellings on the cartilage and bone joints.

What you need to know about calcium

This mineral plays a very important role in the human body.

It is an enzyme activator, responsible for conducting bioelectric impulses, affecting blood clotting, muscle cramps, and also hormone production.

It is a bone and tooth structural mineral.

At the same time, this mineral transmits nerve signals, so that all these processes work properly.

It is essential that your blood calcium levels are always good.

This mineral our body absorbs from the food.

When the body does not get enough of this mineral in food, it is released it from the bones.

Bones are mostly built in childhood, and with age they mostly disintegrate, leading to bone loss.

This condition affects women in particular.

The level of this important mineral in the body depends on the amount of food intake.

In addition, it depends on its release through the urine.

To provide your body with enough of this mineral, you need to know also which foods it contains in sufficient quantities.

Foods rich in calcium

Yogurt and milk

A glass of non-fat yogurt contains 450 mg of this mineral, which is about 42 percent of the daily amount you need.

A glass of non-fat milk contains about 300 mg of this mineral.

Tofu cheese

One portion of tofu cheese can contains as much as 250 mg of this important mineral.

Hard cheeses are also an excellent source of this mineral.

However, you do not want to eat too much because they contain a lot of fat.


The content of this mineral in 200 grams of cooked cabbage is 268 mg.

That is representing a quarter of the daily amount you need.


With its 350 mg calcium at just 100 grams, sardines are one of the best sources of this important mineral.

Other sources

Excellent sources of calcium are also dried figs, dates, almonds, broccoli, Savoy cabbage, orange, salmon, and also white beans.

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