Home Health With Calendula Oil You Will Never Have Any Problems With Varicose Veins Again!
With Calendula Oil You Will Never Have Any Problems With Varicose Veins Again!

With Calendula Oil You Will Never Have Any Problems With Varicose Veins Again!

It is time to learn how to make calendula oil and use the health benefits of this essential oil.

Calendula is known to us in its treatment of destroyed and also damaged skin.

Calendula is a plant that originates from India.

Most of the magical rituals around the globe have been made to this plant.

At the same time, this plant has extraordinary beauty, simplicity, and fascinating orange color.

It has been discovered that this plant has the ability to purify blood vessels.

It relieves them, increases lumen, and also lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, especially in combination with dandelion, hawthorn, or holy rope.

Recent studies have shown that calendula lowers blood pressure and acts as mildly sedative.

That is because it relieves blood vessels and increases lumen, so it is recommended for angina pectoris.

Calendula oil recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 50 flowers of calendula

– 1 liter of olive oil

Preparation of the recipe:

Take 50 flowers of calendula, wash them well and dry them out of the water.

Put them in a bigger glass jar and pour 1l of olive oil.

Close the jar and leave the mixture to stay 4 to 5 weeks in the sun.

Then you can strain the mixture and you will get calendula oil.

Use calendula oil to cure burns, relieve varicose veins and also recover your skin from sun rays.

You can also create a balm against varicose veins

Warm up half a kilogram of pork fat on a low heat.

When it is completely melted, add two handfuls of fresh calendula flowers and a handful of dried green shells of wild chestnut.

Let it boil and take off the heater and mix it for 5 minutes.

Cover it and leave in cool place for 24 hours.

Then slowly warm with constant mixing until melt completely.

Proceed through a sterilizer and pour into a clean and dry glass jar.

Keep in dark and also dry place.

You need to put on varicose veins places every night, without massaging from below to up.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28109063



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