Home Beauty What Can Do A Cabbage Leaf! Swiss Hospitals Use It As A Remedy!
What Can Do A Cabbage Leaf! Swiss Hospitals Use It As A Remedy!

What Can Do A Cabbage Leaf! Swiss Hospitals Use It As A Remedy!

Did you know that cabbage leaf is one of the best ingredients that you can apply to the skin?

We all know that the food we eat every day contains a high level of various nutrients and also contributes to our health.

That’s why we eat, isn`t that a true?

Of course, when we consume some of the healthy foods we know that they have medicinal properties that can treat dangerous disease like cancer.

It is also one of the best ingredients to use or add in weight loss treatments.

Some, however, have medicinal properties and when we apply them directly to the skin.

Believe it or not, the cabbage leaf has a commonplace in home medicine, and is also exceptionally effective!

Discover six internal and external ways and use cabbage leaf for your body in a surprising way.

Cabbage leaf for internal use

Just add cabbage to your favorite soup or cook it together with vegetables.

On that way, you will take an advantage of its incredible medical properties.


Cabbage has a powerful antihyperglycemic property.

That means that this very healthy vegetable has the power to lower blood sugar levels and control diabetes.

These effects can be also achieved by consuming small amounts of cooked or raw cabbage.

You can combine this ingredient with each meal or also you can drink cabbage juice twice a day.

Heart diseases

Cabbage also contains water-soluble polyphenol, which reduces inflammation and strengthens capillaries.

In addition, prevents the formation of platelets and facilitates the release of nitric oxide.

In this way, cabbage actually prevents the onset of heart disease and heart attack.

For this reason, you should consume at least two cups of cabbage or a cup of cabbage juice a day.

Problems with digestion

The cabbage contains a high potassium level that balances the level of fluid in the body.

It also contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants that protect against toxins and tumors.

In addition contains vitamin E and vitamin K, sulfur, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc.

Medicine experts claim that drinking cabbage can help to treat diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and also constipation.

On the other hand, fermented types of cabbage such as sour cabbage people use to treat irritable syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and infectious diarrhea.

Cabbage leaf for external use

It may sound weird but it`s true!

A wrap of cabbage leaf can really help you cure and treat health issues.

Ingrown nails on the feet

Many people use cabbage to remove pus from ingrown nails and prevent infection.

You just need to wrap a cabbage leaf around that toe and attach them with a bandage.

Then cover the bandage with a sock and let it work overnight.

Remove the bandage in the morning and also repeat the procedure the next night.

After you remove the bandage in the morning, dip your foot into magnesium sulfate solution.

It is also advisable to roughly level the surface of your nail with the rasp, as this will naturally grow up the nail and get out of the skin.

Facilitates pain

Red cabbage contains plenty of antioxidants and also other anti-inflammatory compounds.

These compounds work together to reduce oxidative stress.

In addition, these compounds will prevent the expression of several inflammatory factors.

When you apply cabbage directly to the skin it can accelerate wound healing.

All you have to do is to wash and dry the leaves of cabbage, apply the leaves on the wound, secure them with a bandage and let them operate overnight.

If it`s possible, remove the bandage in the morning and also make a new one during the day.


Did you know that the cabbage leaf people use for the healing limbs, the swellings, the exhalations, and the twisted legs or arms?

Even nowadays, some hospitals in Switzerland wrap the joints of their arthritic patients with cabbage to reduce their swelling size.

If you want to make the lining, just remove the skeleton of the leaves.

Then, place them straight between the two layers of plastic foil and press with rolling pin to extract the juice from the leaves.

Then apply the leaves directly to the skin and tighten it with the bend.

Read more about health benefits on our pages for cabbage.

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