Home Health Can Contraceptive Pills Cause Sterility? Women, This Is The Only Truth!
Can Contraceptive Pills Cause Sterility? Women, This Is The Only Truth!

Can Contraceptive Pills Cause Sterility? Women, This Is The Only Truth!

Many women use contraceptive pills for years and also they stop using them only when they decide on pregnancy.

However, there is always an eternal question and dilemma.

A woman will wonder if she use contraceptive pill would she has a regular cycle?”

There is also the second question “Do I have to wait for my hormones to stabilize before I try to get pregnant?”

How does the body react to stopping the use of contraceptive pills?

What to do if you cannot get pregnant?

Here’s what you need to know about contraceptive pills

If you are concerned about pregnancy, breathe – you will be able to!

“These pills promote fertility in many ways,” says Laura Streicher a gynecologist and professor at Northwestern University.

For example, these pills will give your body the right measure of estrogen and also progesterone.

In that way, hormones will not accumulate and the ovaries will have rest.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, and also other conditions that affect fertility will be withdrawn precisely because of these pills.

The negative side of pills for contraception is that they can hide the real problem that does not lead to the desired pregnancy.

At the same time, most women use contraceptive pills to regulate a hormonal imbalance or to regulate the menstrual cycle.

These factors greatly affect sterility rather than the pills for contraception themselves.

Consult your doctor

So when a woman plans a pregnancy, the doctor needs to ask her how she had a menstrual cycle before the pill for contraception.

If the cycle was unregulated before the pills, it is likely to be the same after the withdrawal of them.

If you want to get pregnant, you do not have to wait for your body to” cleanse “the hormones that you have entered with pills.

However, the doctor’s advice is to wait a few months for your menstruation to get in your way.

In that way, you know exactly when you are fertile, and when you have infertile days.

The only time that pills for contraception can impair planned pregnancy is indirect.

Namely, a lot of women relax during using these pills and also they do not use condoms during making love.

Moreover, condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Without using condoms they are often infected with Chlamydia infection, which, when not treated, causes sterility.

The pill for the day can also in the short term stir up hormones in a woman.

The gynecologists who are trying to cure sterility can also have a wrong picture of the condition of her organism.

How to use pills for contraception

This pill women can use without consequences, but not always and also not permanently.

The reason many women believe that pills for contraception are the culprit of their sterility is that they have decided late to plan a pregnancy.

At age 32, the body is still in good shape and ready pregnancy.

However, the picture changes drastically when a woman turns 35.

That is especially drastically when she enters 40.

If she had just stopped using the contraceptive pills and could not get pregnant right now

Do not blame pills for contraception, blame your age.

After all, if you have any concerns about sterility or birth control, it would be best to consult with doctors.

If you stop using the pills for several months and have not yet got pregnant, this does not mean that you are sterile.

It is important to go to control with your doctor and explain why you started with pills for contraception.

By examining you will solve many problems and also bring your body to the right rhythm.


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