Home Health It Can Treat Gastrointestinal Bacteria, Hemorrhoids, And Infertility! (RECIPE)
It Can Treat Gastrointestinal Bacteria, Hemorrhoids, And Infertility! (RECIPE)

It Can Treat Gastrointestinal Bacteria, Hemorrhoids, And Infertility! (RECIPE)

Gastrointestinal bacteria – the gut flora in the human body are a common medical problem that many people have.

Treatment of gastrointestinal bacteria can be a long and exhausting process for every human being.

Generally, the doctors will mostly prescribe for any patient the strong antibiotics.

As you know, there are many different species of those bacteria in the human intestines.

Some, of the bacteria, people can trigger if they use broad-spectrum of antibiotics.

On that way, they will disturb the digesting foods and can also activate bacteria such as Escherichia coli.

Today we present you an old folk and natural remedy that people use to help with stomach pain and gastrointestinal bacteria.

Recipe to treat gastrointestinal bacteria

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– 40 dry figs

– Cold-strain olive oil

Preparation of the homemade recipe:

The preparation of this homemade natural remedy is also easy and simple.

Add 40 dried figs to the glass bottle or add them in the bigger glass jar.

Then you need to cover them with a liter of cold-strain olive oil.

If you like to have better results you can cut the figs into 4 pieces.

Close the glass bottle or glass jar and allow the content to stay for the next 40 days.

After that period, you need to take one whole fig (or a few quarters if you decide to cut them on pieces) and one teaspoon of olive oil every morning before eating on empty stomach.

The figs by themselves will not be so much effective, which means that you also need to take care of what food you eat.

Make sure that you eat meals that you cook on the steam or in the water without adding any spices, vinegar, oils, and dry meat products.

Prepare your meals with the help of natural, cold-strain olive oil.

Eat every day as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

Olive oil in combination with figs can help not only in the treatment of gastrointestinal bacteria.

This old folk and natural remedy can also help in treating:


– Gastrointestinal diseases


– Bronchitis

– Asthma

– Infertility

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