CANDIDA ALBICANS –Just one interesting conclusion for cancer and baking soda

Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans
Italian oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini more than a decade came to an interesting conclusion. According to his observations fungus Candida albicans, cancer and Baking soda are closely related concepts.

He is deeply convinced that the fungus Candida albicans cause of cancer, and that the cure for cancer is in baking soda.

Despite claims that it is only with the help of sodium bicarbonate managed to cure a large number of cancer patients, it has not gained the support of his colleagues.

The highlight of misunderstanding suffered in 2006, subtracting doctoral licenses and condemnation of the Italian Court of deception.

Is Dr. Tullio Simoncini right, the time will show.

Many spectacular and in the present point of view simple discoveries were doomed and were waiting for the moment when it will be officially recognized.

On the other hand, there are many more people who have forever ended the list of blunders.

Here’s what this is based on the theory and practice of Dr. Tullio Simoncini.

The fungus Candida albicans is located in the body of a healthy man, and it does not represent any particular danger for us. The danger occurs when Candida albicans begins to proliferate uncontrollably, which can happen for several reasons: the use of certain types of drugs (antibiotics, contraceptives …), disturbed nutrition, low immunity, stress …

He claims that cancer is nothing but Candida albicans infection and that cancer cells are immune cells of the body. When Candida albicans persistently attacks the internal organs, the body is forced to build a defensive barrier to stop her, and that is doing with their own cells.

According to him, it is these cells constitute “cancer” that is “malignant cells”.

Candida albicans have everyone and are peaceful until …

With that way of understanding cancer, he decides to find the most effective cure for Candida albicans spreading, deeply convinced that when you beat Candida albicans, he will win and cancer.

Since it is well known that the Candida albicans quickly adapts to the classical drugs against fungi, during an investigation of this issue he came to the discovery that the baking soda is a solution for that. So, he turns to folk medicine.

Traditional Indian medicine and medicine of the ancient Egyptians to treat fungal diseases have used the natural resources with a strong base effect, just like the baking soda. That would be his attitude about Candida albicans, cancer and baking soda.

If this discovery was confirmed by the scientific point of view, humanity would have taken another victory over evil disease, defeating cancer.

However, for his claims there is still no scientific confirmation. Therefore, the ultimate goal of this site in any case is not recommended for the treatment of cancer, but that the essence of the whole story encourages readers to think about.

The final judgment on this should bring modern medicine with the help of top experts in this field. Until then, and then, for all cancer patients is recommended mandatory adherence to prescribed therapy.

Even if baking soda one day become officially confirmed like a cure for cancer, this therapy could, of course, like any other form of serious treatment of deadly diseases that are classified as malignant diseases, conducted under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Something that you can do is to check if you have high levels of Candida in the body with Candida test.