CANDIDA TEST – A simple way for 15 minutes

Candida Test

Candida Test
What is Candida?

Candida is a living organism, namely fungi. Each of us carries this fungus in the mouth, intestines, the skin and the female population in the vagina. Candida fungus is under healthy conditions in our comfortable, quiet and seamlessly accommodated, so that does not matter a bit.

However, under exceptional circumstances, Candida can wake up from your peaceful slumber and begin their uncontrolled reproduction.

For something like that would often encourage us by using antibiotics, artificial hormones, preservatives and various other things that our bodies are derived from normal equilibrium.

Candida can also develop in people who exaggerate the consumption of simple carbohydrates (refined sugar, white bread, white rice …).

Then comes Candida infection, which is otherwise commonly diagnosed fungal infections. Inflammation principally affects the mucous membrane or skin and leaflets are successful, although sometimes it can take a lot of time. Thus, it can be persistent and annoying infections, but not life-threatening. In extreme cases, Candida can infect the bloodstream or internal organs (spleen, liver …). This type of infection usually occurs under the influence of the fungus Candida albicans and can be life-threatening.

How to determine the level of Candida in the body?

The level of Candida in the body can be determined by laboratory analysis.

However, many of us hate to analyze something that we are still not the real problem. A few even avoided going to the doctor when the problem occurs.

Here is a very simple Candida test that can show us whether we have a reason for concern. Candida test we can do in the morning with the help of ordinary water into a glass jar and the result is visible for 15 minutes.

Candida test takes just 15 minutes

How to do an individual Candida test?

– In the evening, before going to bed to pour a clean, plain water in a glass.

– In the morning do not forget what we intent last night – put a glass of water in the bedroom where we can see immediately after waking up and do our Candida test.

– In the morning, the first-morning saliva (without any lengthy collection), spit into the glass.

– Leave a glass carefully without the shaking for 15 minutes.

– After 15 minutes can be seen results of the Candida test.- Lift a glass at eye level and turn toward the window so the fluid can be better visible.

– If the saliva blended with water, so if its structure is very similar to pure water and the water is beneath it remains clean – nothing to worry about.

– But if the water is turbid below it, or from saliva formed down hanging threads or saliva completely sank to the bottom of the case (what you can see in the picture), the chances are that the level of Candida in the body increases.

If you like to test Candida test is shown in the figure, it would be advisable to consult a doctor or at least through a healthy diet and natural solutions try to reduce the level of Candida in the body.

An Italian oncologist Tullio Simoncini for years insists that Candida albicans cause cancer. We do not want to scare anyone with this information, but the fact that the proliferation of the Fungal infections certainly will not make any benefits to your body.

Most innocuous of fungal infections can be as already said, the persistent and annoying with unpleasant symptoms, so the smartest these organisms kept under control.

One of the ways is the use of anti-candida diet. You will be surprised what you can do with amazing Baking soda. Learn how to cure Candida with natural healing on our Anti Candida diet page.