Cannabis Oil! I Cured Myself And More Than 5,000 People From Cancer! The True Story!

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil

I was on the edge, planned suicide, but then I discovered the drug.

Since then I heal people free of charge and I am traveling around the world explaining how this plant can help us – reveals Rik Simpson, the most famous proponent of the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

In the midst of the debate about the use of cannabis (marijuana) for medical purposes in some countries, Canadian Rick Simpson (65) reveals how he became the largest planetary advocate for theses that cannabis is medicine, not a drug.

This smiling and energetic man, a self-taught doctor and pharmacist, a few years ago was cured of terminal cancer of the skin, after his doctors and official medicine couldn`t do something.

The only composition that was used was cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is medicine that nature gave us free of charge

When Rick Simpson tried to persuade the doctors and the country to cannabis oil positive effects, he has hit a wall. That, however, is not discouraged him, he continued to plant and produce oil and that it away free to those who approached him for help.

Several times he was arrested, taken away his oil, tearing plants, but he did not give up. Today, he travels the world, expanding his idea, but he lives on a pension, sales of books and lectures.

Why you’ve never sold a single bottle of cannabis oil?

– Just so that no one could say that all of this work is for the money.

I am traveling for years around the world with one mission, to explain to people what and how well-being is benefits of this plant. And believe me that I know best. I was on the edge, planned suicide, but then I discovered the drug. Not inexpensive preparations that to me by doctors, but in our own backyard.

How did that happen?

– In 1997, I repaired the boiler by myself, I fell and earned a horrific head injury. The doctors said that I have some syndrome, something like a constant concussion. I have got the pills that I was only getting worse, and my head was ringing non-stop. I wanted to kill myself, but doctors shrugged. I’ve heard of oil of cannabis, but I was scared, I admit. Never before had never smoked a joint, I did not know what to expect, but I just could not wait. I began every evening to take a little bit. The effects followed quickly and were amazing: the ringing in his head had stopped, I began to sleep normally, I even pulled arthritis in my knees – recalls Simpson.

However, after a few years, I had a new problem. I accidentally tore the mole near my right eye, and at the hospital concluded that he was suffering from skin cancer.

– I remembered then some program I’m in my youth listening to the local radio station. The leaders were mocking talk about research university in Virginia, where they claimed that cannabis cures cancer. OK, I thought, I’m stuck, I would not try again? I put oil on the patches that I have clung to malignant moles on the neck and besides the eye. I held them both for four days and shocked when I killed them. The skin was clean, no sign of the mole. They retreated and did not return, as well as cancer.

Interestingly, the doctors refused to prescribe him the oil of cannabis as therapy, although it is in Canada then there was an experimental program for the treatment of marijuana.

-Doctors said that my disease thus cannot be cured. I was determined to start producing oil and to share patients. I was to cannabis oil the first patient, and so far I have cured more than 5,000 people. Everybody can help himself on that way, but the Big Pharma doesn`t want you to know. Our problem is the corrupt governments and insatiable pharmaceutical companies that knowingly prevent people to use something that is all available because they are aware that it will lose profits.

In Canada, he tried to explain the political parties, ministers of health, associations for the fight against cancer, but in vain.

– The pharmaceutical lobbies give big money to prevent the truth to come out. They make medicine where amass millions, but marijuana does not want to test. Why? Because the plant cannot patent, they cannot protect it as their product. Cannabis oil will put Big Pharma out of business and they know it, that is the fight about. Legislation around the world is also in the service of big capital.

Did pharmaceutical companies try to recruit?

-I have been called by different companies and people. One of them offered me a million dollars to help them to make a replacement for oil, which could legally be sold. I told them “to go to hell, I do not cooperate”. I asked them: “Why are you making a replacement if you have the real thing ?!” They did not know that my answers. This medicine belongs to all people. Everyone can make cannabis oil, it’s like when you cook coffee. Why pay expensive drugs? Or it purchased on the black market, where they sell a poor quality for the big money.

According to your experience, what can cure cannabis oil?

– What we can attest is to treat severe malignant disease, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes (I have been treated people and after six weeks they didn`t need the insulin, and again ate what they wanted), asthma, infections, inflammation, burns, chronic pain, psoriasis, ulcers, moles, warts and similar problems. From professional people who believe I learned that it helps in the treatment of anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure control … But other than that we can heal ourselves, of these plants we can help the poor people, feed the hungry, build cars, solve the energy crisis … This not my empty talk, about everything there is research.


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