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Caramel Milk – Old Folk Remedy For …

Caramel Milk – Old Folk Remedy For …

As you probably know even doctors sometimes recommend this old folk remedy – caramel milk.

If your throat is sore and you a have visit to the doctor, you will need some time for prescribed therapy to work.

Caramel milk can speed up recovery and also has other health benefits.

From the experience of many people, caramel milk will also help you for some health issues.

Caramel milk health benefits

– Relieves a cough

– Accelerates ripening and coughing up mucus from the throat

– It has soothing effect on the body (can help you fall asleep more easily)

– Helps for sinusitis

– Relieves chest pain

How to make caramel milk

-1. In a pot of milk or coffee pour 2 tablespoons granulated sugar.

-2. Place the pot with the sugar on the plate heated and stay on the stove, closely following what is happening.

-3. As the sugar is warming up, it`s beginning to change color from white to the brown.

First of all, the color needs to be bright brown and sugar will produce the liquid, making the slurry component.

-4. You will feel that releases smoke pungent odor.

For those who have sinusitis or do not know how to stop a runny nose, it will be good to try to breathe this smoke through the nose a couple of times.

-5. Now reduce the heat.

Prepare a cup (about 2 dl) of fresh long-term or previously cooked and cooled milk.

-6. As soon as you notice that the sugar begins to yellow-brown, remove a pot from the heat and immediately add the milk.

-7. Now again turn up the heat and a cook for a few minutes your caramel milk with gentle mixing.

-8. The beverage will have a color similar to white coffee

-9. You can add a little more sugar to your taste but it is not necessary.


– This drink is best to drink while is lukewarm.

– The best is if you don`t add something in caramel milk.

– If you liked the taste of the drink, feel free to prepare it also when you are not sick.


– Do not overdo it with inhaling smoke while frying sugar because it will irritate the eyes and also have a headache.

It is enough just a couple of times.

– Do not use this if you have a constant high temperature and if the doctor says that you should not take the sweet and dairy products.

– Unsuccessful, the burnt sugar will not help, it can only cause nausea.

Make the new one once again.

Share this old folk remedy with your friends and family.


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