Cardiologist Clinical Center Reveals: You Think It’s Normal Blood Pressure 120/80? You Are Wrong!

Blood Pressure

A widespread opinion is that the normal blood pressure is 120/80.

In addition, many people think that all values above that blood pressure are the call for an emergency visit to the cardiologist.

However, that is no longer quite correct.

The European Cardiologist Association reveals the new instructions.

The new value of blood pressure

According to this association now the normal pressure is to 140 – systolic (the top number in a blood pressure measurement) and 90 – diastolic (bottom number).

The doctors say that the most of the people still think that the 120/80 is normal pressure.

However, the value of blood pressure 140/90 is the extent to which doctors consider that someone has a normal pressure.

This, however, does not apply to people with diabetes.

The limit for diabetic people is to 130/80, the same as in the older population – reveal doctors.

Earlier, however, it was thought that if someone has a pressure of 139/89 that is already in the stage before hypertension.

Those people were instructed to take medicine to not increase the risk of heart attack.

However, everything is changing, so now the boundaries are push up.

In Europe, the criteria for high blood pressure are a bit more flexible.

They need to take care and pay attention to each patient until the occurrence of complications that is causing high blood pressure – explains our source.

In the world almost, every fifth person is suffering from high blood pressure.

This disease which was once considered a disease of old, today is increasingly present in the second and third decade of life.

A human that has hypertension usually has no symptoms.

So this is the reason why hypertension people call “the silent killer”.

Some people have nonspecific symptoms like:

– Complain of a headache

– Flicker before the eyes

– Ringing in the ears

– Dizziness

– Unsteadiness in walking

– Feeling of pressure in the chest

That is the reason why this cardiovascular disease remains hidden for a long time or is detected by random measuring, usually after some complications.

Hypertension damages the blood vessels and the first affects the damage of a heart muscle.

Some doctors make researching among citizens to see how much they know about hypertension.

Also, they make researching about the cause of its formation and also on the treatment they receive.

The results are colorful but indicate that countries must work much more on the health enlightenment of citizens.

A third of patients don`t know the cause of their hypertension.

Also, they think that they could not avoid a high blood pressure.

In addition, for the most reasons, they blame stress.

What is disappointing is that 30 – 40 percent of them do not know which therapy to use – says, doctors.

A slogan for this year’s World Heart Day is “Knowledge is power – Keep your heart.”

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