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CARMINATIVE STOMACH – Natural treatments

CARMINATIVE STOMACH – Natural treatments

Carminative Stomach
With a normal eating of unprocessed, high-quality food that provides our body with fuel we allow to our digestive system to function properly.

There are a lot of factors that can reduce our digestive capacity as: eating quickly, stress, drinking iced beverages and consuming cold foods.

Additionally, the use of antibiotics, recreational drugs, other medications and alcohol can hinder digestion.

All of these factors can make a Carminative Stomach.

Carminative stomach can be treating naturally

These are natural treatments for carminative stomach:


Anise seed is useful to natural carminative stomach.

Besides, we must be aware that strengthens the stomach, soothes spasms in the stomach, facilitates digestion, purifies the blood and strengthens the nerves.

Clearing the lungs of mucus, kidneys, bladder, stomach, strengthens the digestive organs, regulates disordered menstruation and eliminates insomnia.


Folk medicine is used for medicinal purposes a celery root from sweet celery.

Celery promotes healing of rheumatism, dropsy, flatulence, gout, obesity, pain in the chest that  are associated with feelings of fear, catarrh of the lungs, stomach weakness, lack of appetite and problems caused by the lack of necessary materials for the body.

Nevertheless, celery cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation and carminative stomach.


Lemon balm is an excellent tool for all heart disease.

With it soothes the nerves, strengthens the heart and cleanses the blood.

Lemon Balm is recommended in the treatment of hysteria, hypochondria, interference with menstruation, cramps, particularly those associated with menstruation, bloating, cramps in the intestines, diarrhea and upset stomach, vomiting on the neural basis of some forms of asthma and depressive states.

Particularly is recommended for women of childbearing suffering from vomiting.

Lemon balm tea sweetened with a honey unusually beneficial effect on insomnia caused by fatigue or nervous disease.


Yarrow is used for the treatment of diseases in the form of tea and to improve appetite, stomach ailments and serious digestion because the beneficial effect on the absorption of food in the nation known as the beneficial carminative stomach.


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