CARROT JUICE – The best juice for the morning

Carrot Juice

A bright orange color at carrot juice comes from beta carotene, which the carrots are plentiful.

From carotene is formed vitamin A, which provides us with a better pigmentation and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Then affects the proper growth, liver, stomach, intestines, strengthens the heart, improves vision, raises immunity and a lot more.

Carrot juice is a great natural remedy for cleansing the body of harmful substances (especially recommended in the spring), against polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, poor digestion, gastritis, bowel problems, and hemorrhoids.

Alleviates mental fatigue created by excessive intellectual work and stress.

Relieves fatigue of the heart muscle, regulates metabolism in the body and thus affects the regulation of body weight.

Carrot juice – The best choice to start your day

In therapeutic use as a medicine, carrot juice is necessary to drink in the morning before breakfast and about 150 ml, always freshly squeezed juice.

Percent of carrot juice is very effective in killing bacteria.

It is preferable to keep it a little in your mouth before swallowing.

In addition, one glass of this drink is enough to eliminate heartburn.

Therefore, it is quite certain that we would be much healthier if our day starts with this juice instead of the usual black coffee.

You can begin your day with this beneficial red drink.

Carrot juice is a very healing, so we use it in many diseases or as a preventive bio-stimulator of the organism:

– Improve digestion and stimulate appetite – is good to drink carrot juice 20 minutes before eating a meal

– Improve eyesight – beta-carotene and lutein are found concentrated in your retinas and carrot juice has plenty of both

– Prevent cancer – a lot of studies have shown that with high level of carotenoids can prevent different type of cancers

Regulate blood sugar

– Promote lung health and protect the respiratory system

– Benefits for your skin – Carrot juice has a high content of vitamin A that can help to your skin, nails, hair, psoriasis and some dry skin problems

– Enrich lactation – help with supply of calcium during pregnancy and enrich milk to nursing mothers

– Improve liver function – this juice is a good way for detoxification your liver

– Excellent addition to any weight loss program – high in minerals and vitamins but low in fat and calories

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