Causes Of Cancer – Top 10 That We Use Daily And Are Hidden From The Public!

Causes Of Cancer

Causes Of Cancer

Causes of cancer are hidden and are not spoken from the pharmaceutical industry.

There are 10 causes of cancer that we are using every day, but the pharmaceutical industry is keeping them in secret so can make a profit from this disease.

We have those 10 causes of cancer just for you to be aware and avoid them how much is possible.

Causes of cancer should be out from our life

10 causes of cancer are:

-1. Hormones in milk and meat

Artificial hormones are using to feed the domestic animals, so animals can increase the production of meat and milk.

The artificial hormones are causes of cancer and induce cancer, inflammation and other diseases.

-2. Dental X-rays, mammography and scanners at the airport

Today we have a lot of practical use of X-rays.

It can be on the airport, to the hospital and at your dentist but everyone is forgetting that deadly X-rays are one of the causes of cancer in our modern world.

-3. Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants

The best is to protect your breast from cancer if you use organic or homemade deodorants.

On that way, you will avoid causes of cancer that you can have if you use cosmetic antiperspirants and deodorants.

-4. Toxic cosmetic

We are treating our largest organ skin, with decorative or preparative cosmetic that are full with coal tar and petroleum.

These substances are toxic and can travel through the skin to our bloodstream and can make a fertile ground for dangerous cancer cells.

-5. GMO soy and corn

If you buy soy in America, probably your soy is genetically modified.

If you like soy milk it`s better to start using another milk.

Soy milk has hemagglutinin.

That is an ingredient which converts the red corpuscles into clots.

The soy is boosting that estrogen.

You can buy any other type of organic milk and use it instead soy milk that is one of the causes of cancer.

-6. An artificial sweetener

Refined sugar is dangerous and is one of the causes of cancer.

It`s typically GMO because of sugar beets, but it also rapidly spikes our insulin levels.

Fructose that is found in soda is also one of the causes of cancer.

Soda acidifies our body and helps to multiply the cancer cells.

-7. Fluoridated water

Fluoride is not purified water passed through the pipes or mineral found in nature.

Actually fluoride is polluting the water and is removing the minerals from the body.

On that way, fluoride is weakening our immune system. You should drink spring water.

-8. Vaccines, drugs

Just shortly instead to take a lot of vaccines and drugs you can heal yourself naturally and avoid causes of cancer to come inside your body.

-9. Canned goods

Usually cans are covered with a product BPA (bisphenol A).

This BPA has been discovered that is genetically changing the brain cells of rats.

-10. Commercial creams, toothpaste, shampoos and soaps

All of these products that are applied to our teeth, hair and skin are ending in our bloodstream.

All of those suspicious products have substances that are causes of cancer.

Try to find and buy natural cosmetic.

There is one saying, “If you would not eat that, don`t use that on your skin”.

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