Home Beauty Celandine Is God’s Gift! Natural Remedy For Many Diseases! (RECIPE)
Celandine Is God’s Gift! Natural Remedy For Many Diseases! (RECIPE)

Celandine Is God’s Gift! Natural Remedy For Many Diseases! (RECIPE)

Celandine has a lot of names all over the world such as Mary’s grass, the grace of the Lord, nipplewort, tetterwort, greater celandine, and also the gift of God.

These names and also many others are the names for this medicinal plant that you need to obtain.

All this tells us how much this herb has reputation and appreciation between nutritionists.

However, today just some people know that because the pharmaceutical industry “rejects” all valuable herbs.

This herb grows everywhere, at your houses, supporting walls, forest slopes, etc.

It can also be found during the winter period.

When you pick celandine from its roots and stems, flows orange color juice.

Celandine is a gift of Mother Nature

The power and also propriety of this plant is that it can:

– Create red blood cells

– Clean liver and bile

In addition, it is good for treating hemorrhoids.

Also, if you have a buzzing noise in your ears and you do not know the cause then this plant is for you.

It removes calluses and warts and prevents the hair of hands, faces, and also legs in women.

In addition, if you are suffering from ovarian cyst and the uterine myoma, this plant has an effect on them.

For use, you need to use a whole herb, fresh or dried.

It can also be used for indoor and outdoor use depending on the condition that you need to treat the disease.

Celandine tea

Put one flat teaspoon of dried celandine in 1/4 liters of hot water.

Allow to stand for 15 minutes, strain and also drink in slow sips.

You can also use tea for exterior use in skin changes – lichen type.

Depending on the illness, you need to drink tea not longer than 14 days – 1-2 cups a day.

Some health benefits of celandine

– It has powerful antioxidants

– Also, can help in treating cancer

– It increases bile production

– It can help in intestinal irritation

– Also, possesses some antimicrobial properties

– It fights against moles and warts

– It possesses analgesic activity – painkiller effects

– Defense against some harmful organisms

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