Cellulite – The Best Ways To Eradicate Naturally


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Cellulite is caused by many factors such as improper diet, less physical activity, hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition, smoking, stress, etc.

The appearance of cellulite is much more common in women than in men, suggesting that the influence of hormones is important and that is formed due to the high levels of the hormone estrogen.

It is known that cellulite is difficult to eradicate because it requires a long term of treatment that requires also and change in lifestyle.

Cellulite is disease that we can treat on natural ways

Cellulite-2This is not only an aesthetic problem, but it should be understood as a disease that in advanced stages cause pain to the touch places at the affected areas with this phenomenon.

Later, this phenomenon can lead to serious problems with blood circulation and joint burdened.

Scientific research shows that a successful fight against cellulite lies in proper diet and physical activity.

When we speak about proper diet, we need to provide more fluids for our body to accelerate the metabolism and elimination of toxins.

It is best to drink not-chlorinated spring water and herbal teas that accelerate blood circulation and detoxification of the body.

For the treatment of this phenomenon, the best effect has teas from nettle, dandelion, horsetail, cherry stems and unavoidable green tea.

For the discharge of harmful substances from the body we need to increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C (citrus, kiwi fruit, peppers), then foods rich in potassium (bananas, peaches, peas, whole grains, nuts, almonds) and sulfur (chicken, fish, milk, eggs).

Artichokes, cabbage and pineapples are also a good natural cure for cellulite because they are natural diuretics and antioxidants. Soybeans and soy products are certainly welcome for the treatment of cellulite.

In the fight against this phenomenon, it is important to avoid: oily foods rich in cholesterol, sweets, white bread, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, soft drinks and canned food.

It is important to know that excessive consumption of salt retains water in the body, so do not put salt in the food more than you need.

We should not ignore daily exercise, even if we speak about the easy walk that will speed up the metabolism.

A walk in nature will provide sufficient quantities of oxygen necessary for our organism.

Mild massage encourages circulation, which is essential in the fight against cellulite.

Relaxation and meditation are excellent prevention because it can prevent the appearance of cellulite.

To prepare preparations against cellulite, which are used outside (various creams and oils), the best natural remedy is a plant ivy.

Dandelion tea against cellulite

Put one teaspoon of crushed dried roots of dandelion in 2 dl water and cook on low heat for a few minutes.

Then put aside for 15 minutes and strain.

You need to drink tea unsweetened or sweetened with honey several times per day.

Tea of dandelion purifies the body and helps in the fight against excess weight and cellulite.

Ivy oil against cellulite

Pour 1/2 l of olive oil in a dark bottle and soak it in 20 grams of ivy leaves, ten drops of essential oil of rosemary and a few drops of lemon.

Close a bottle and leave it 40 days in a warm, dark place. You need to shake a bottle once daily.

After 40 days strain and with mild rubbing apply on the skin – until absorbed by the skin.

Apply to the areas affected by cellulite every night so the oil can work through the night.

Ivy cream against cellulite

In 500 gr. of grease from a pig adds 50 ml tincture of ivy leaf, 50 ml of oil from thistle root and 50 ml of oil from marigold flower.

Warm the mixture to 70 ° C under continuous stirring and add the 50 ml of dissolved beeswax.

Prepared mixture put in the small containers and closes them well.

Every night before bedtime apply the cream to areas of the body affected by cellulite and make massage on areas for 15 minutes.

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