CHAMOMILE – A beautiful gift from Mother Nature


Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla botanical name) is coming from Eastern Europe and the Middle East and now this herb is well known and widespread across Europe.

This plant is now cultivated but largely as a wild plant growing in fallow fields. As it is readily available and inexpensive healing properties of chamomile is often underestimated and that is a big mistake, so we remind you that the Anglo-Saxons chamomile was one of the seven sacred plants.

The ancient Egyptians used chamomile tea as a remedy for fever, rheumatism, sunburn, insomnia and poor digestion. Today, this herb most often is recommended for treatment of stomach ailments, inflammation, stress and allergies.

Matricaria chamomilla name comes from the Latin word “mother” as an association that is used against diseases that affect women. Now for those who maybe don`t know we can tell them that medicinal part of this plant is a flower and is harvested during the flowering in April and May.

Folk medicine is gladly recommended chamomile for a wide range of diseases and ailments such as abdominal pain, indigestion, inflammation of various organs of digestion, gastritis, colic and painful menstruation. Known for its mild functioning of chamomile is often applied to children and against colic in babies.

Chamomile is a great natural gift

Chamomile tea has a soothing effect and is useful for relieving stress, against nervous restlessness, irritability, mental exhaustion, insomnia.

Chamomile is particularly recommended to relieve insomnia in children.

Chamomile tea is prepared simply by making one small teaspoon of tea poured with 2 dl of boiling water. After 5 minutes strain this mixture and drink. It`s better if you can drink without sugar.

Chamomile is welcome and for the treatment of skin diseases because it accelerates the healing of wounds, soothes inflammation and irritation.

Chamomile is often used for gynecological washing and rinsing eyes.

Chamomile tea is also beneficial for inhalation respiratory colds, allergic rhinitis, and similar.

Chamomile should definitely be used as a natural remedy for beauty care. If only one weekly washing of chamomile tea we will have a more beautiful and groomed facial skin.

Rinse hair after washing with this tea nourishes hair and blond hair a golden color and nicer sheen.

Chamomile and milk are recommended as a remedy for painful menstruation and as a coating which is prepared by giving one tablespoon of chamomile flowers poured with 2 dl of hot milk. After a few minutes, strain, while it is still warm soak cheesecloth or other appropriate cloth and keep a compress over the abdomen.

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