CHERRIES – Against rheumatism, cellulite and …


Again is open a season for Cherries. For the Viennese professor Hademar Bankhofer, they are “natural medicine from a tree” – because they help against rheumatism.

List of substances containing cherry is long: Vitamin C for the immune system, folic acid for heart and circulatory system, calcium for bones and iron for blood.

However, the most valuable component of all the vegetable dye cherries, that are called anthocyanidins.

“Darker cherries contain more colors, they are healthier,” says Bankhofer.

German doctor Ludwig Koch who himself suffered from gout started in the 50`s of the last century the study with patients suffering from rheumatism and gout.

Since then it has been proven that cherries reduce uric acid levels and can cure inflammation.

Cherries is a natural medicine from a tree

Anthocyanidins have a cosmetic effect.

They make stronger the connective tissue and prevent wrinkles on your skin by destroying harmful enzymes which are making your skin wrinkled and old.

Cherries are a natural cure for cellulite because it can prevent its occurrence.

With protective acid and fruit sugar cherries encouraged the work of the stomach, intestines and pancreas and thus stimulate digestion.

It contributes to the rich share of ballast substances. “Cherries evicted water and, therefore, relieve the heart and blood circulation, activate the liver and kidneys.”

In addition, bacteriological substances in cherries prevent the formation of plaque and thus can prevent caries and gum problems.

Some other things about cherries:

Tea from cherries:

Scientists from the Institute of Michigan claim that cherries have a very anti-infective action.

They can ease arthritic pain and are a source of antioxidants and melatonin, which can slow the effects of aging and are useful in the fight against cancer and heart disease.

Instead of aspirin:

Twenty cherries have 10 times more potent than aspirin.

And another good news is that cherries do not irritate the stomach. They are rich in flavonoids – important component, representing the strongest anti-cancer substances.

Cherries are a great source of boron, which in combination with calcium and magnesium has a beneficial effect on bone health and their density.

It also reduces the joint pain that is often common in people who have problems with arthritis.

NOTE: you should know that cherries should not be eaten before lunch because it can slow the secretion of digestive juices, which particularly complicates digestion of meat.

After the cherries, you do not need to drink water, and especially beer or other alcoholic beverages.

More about characteristics and healing benefits of this amazing fruit you can see our page for cherry.

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