Child`s Fever! The Most Effective Ways To Lower Without Medications In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Child`s Fever

Child`s Fever

Whenever your child has a fever you try the best knowledgeable things to put fever down.

Sometimes child`s fever can be stressful and a big problem for you.

You run to your doctor or you take medicine to put child`s fever down.

First you need to know that if your child is absolutely healthy, then you don`t need to worry so much.

A lot of studies have been confirmed that at healthy child fever it`s not a great danger.

A fever works to fight the infections on the child`s body that are causing the child to be sick.

Sometimes child`s fever can get worse and your child is uncomfortable and burning up.

Child`s fever can be treat on these ways

Then you need to do these first simple steps and help your child to feel better.

Homemade things to lower child`s fever within less than 5 min.

-1. Give to the child a lukewarm bath

When my daughter has a child`s fever this was the first thing what I did to her.

It`s very important to use a lukewarm water when you give bath or shower to your child.

Don`t use colder water by any chance because that can make your child shiver and cause rising the temperature of the body.

This first method is very useful because when water evaporates from the child`s skin it will cool their body.

On that way, you can bring down the temperature.

-2. Vinegar – water and brandy

This can be also a useful and very effective way to bring down child`s fever.

Vinegar is the first or water and brandy is the second mixture that you can use for this treatment.

You need to put vinegar (or water and brandy) in one bowl.

Take gauze and soak with the vinegar (or water and brandy).

Then squeeze the excess liquid out of gauze and put inside child`s socks.

-3. Grated potatoes

First that you need to do is to wash potatoes and peel them.

When you are done with peeling, you can grate the peeled potatoes and put them in the child socks.

Grated potatoes will lover child`s fever and your kid will feel much better.

-4. Damp and cool washcloth

Place damp, cool washcloth on the forehead of your child while it rests.

-5. Chilled food and plenty of fluids

Give to your child chilled food if it`s possible, but for sure you need to give a lot of cold drinks.

That will lower the body`s temperature of your child from the inside out.

-6. Remove layers of clothing

Removing layers of clothing are very useful treatment.

On that way, your kid can lose the body heat much more easily through the skin.

Dress more lightly your child.

If the child is shivering, cover the child with a light blanket, until the child is warm again.

-7. Use a fan

Maybe is funny but this is also useful treatment.

Take your fan, put it on low cool mode and adjust fan just to circulate little around your child.

Don`t aim a fan directly on the child.

-8. Keep the child indoor and in cool place

It`s good to keep your child indoor and in a cool place, but if that is not possible then you need to keep your child under the shade.

NOTE: If you have a baby which has less than three months and has child`s fever you need to visit the doctor immediately.

If you have a baby between 3 and 5 months, then you need to call your doctor if the temperature is 101 degrees or more.

If your child has 6 months or more, then you need to call your doctor if the temperature is 102 degrees or more.


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