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Chrono Diet Recipes For Your Chrono Diet Treatment!

Chrono Diet Recipes For Your Chrono Diet Treatment!

This is some of the Chrono diet recipes for people that will decide to use Chrono diet in their everyday life.

How long should be the interval between meals?

The optimal time for you to eat is four to five hours between meals.

Just remember, you cannot skip the meals.

It is ideal if you have the regime of three main meals during the day.

In addition, the Chrono diet is suggesting that for beginners.

That is because insulin is producing three times a day.

It is also advisable to keep your meal time.

For example, it is not advisable to have breakfast at 8 o`clock today and tomorrow at 10 o’clock.

You need always eat at the same time.

Also, you always try to avoid all kinds of snacks between meals.

Of course, those snacks gain weight and also are worst and damage our health.

Chrono diet recipes

-1. Chrono diet recipes for breakfast

Avoiding breakfast is the hardest possible breach of nutrition.

The morning food intake triggers the fatty cells to release fat from their warehouse without any hesitation and very intense.

In addition, if we skip breakfast in the morning, our body continues to store fat.

As for breakfast itself, there are not a lot of combinations of wrong food.

The most important thing is to get rid of quick-release sugars, such as candy.

– Chrono diet and coffee

Before breakfast, there is no coffee – drink herbal tea or hot lemonade half an hour before meals.

Coffee is served exclusively after breakfast and also lunch.

In the morning you are allowed to eat:


– The fats of animal origin, to eat slowly digested sugars such as integral toast with butter and a pan or ham.

– You can also have breakfast with eggs as classic omelets with bacon and smoked meat products and bread.

This is a completely classic breakfast.

The best and also an optimal time for breakfast is about 9 o`clock.

Here is one type of a breakfast that suggests Chrono diet.

King omelet recipe

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– Half the head of the onion

– 3 leafs of Savoy cabbage

– One piece of leek

– Little red peppers

2 eggs

– Olive oil

– Sea salt or Himalayan salt

– Black pepper

Preparation of the recipe:

Cut on small pieces all ingredients and put them in a pot.

Put one teaspoon of olive oil and a little water and cook onion, leek, and peppers.

Then add the Savoy cabbage with a half glass of water and leave all to cook until the water is evaporated.

Also, do not forget to mix during cooking.

Add the water until Savoy cabbage is not cooked.

When it is cooked, and when water is evaporated, add black pepper and salt as desired.

Mix eggs and also pour them over the cooked vegetables.

In addition, mix your breakfast until the eggs are cooked.

You can also leave everything to be like a pancake and then turn it over to the other side.

This king omelet recipe with fresh vegetables is just a great breakfast.

Chrono diet recipes for lunch

As far as lunch and dinner are concerned, we need to care a little more about the combination of food.

That is because as time passes and also our hormonal and enzymatic status in the body changes.

Therefore, we have to separate these large groups of ingredients – carbohydrates and proteins.

The Chrono diet recommends that for lunch, it is best to eat animal and plant origin proteins.

Of course, you consume them in combination with vegetables that is the primary source of precious fibers.

During this period, the main ingredient is a cabbage.

Therefore, you can make a sweet cabbage with beef and maybe eat integral rice with vegetable.

One more combination will be a classic “Sarma” or classic stuffed peppers.

It is optimal to have a Chrono lunch up to 15 o`clock.

Recipe for stuffed peppers

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

– Beef mincemeat


– Parsley leaves

– Sauce supplement

– Black pepper

– Red pepper powder

– Fatter peppers

–  Small flowers of cauliflower

– Tomato sauce

Preparation of the recipe:

Prepare beef mincemeat in the same way as “Sarma”.

Grind onion and add it to the mincemeat.

Mix them together well in order to make the mixture as good as possible.

Then add the parsley leaves, black pepper and a teaspoon of a red pepper powder.

Again mix the mixture well.

Separate the cauliflower flowers depending on how much meat you have.

Wash them and mix them with meat and then make stuffed peppers.

Now place them in a pot, add water, tomato sauce, red pepper powder, and also other spices as you desire.

Close the pot and place it in a strong heater.

When the meal starts to boil, lower heat and cook your stuffed peppers for another 20 minutes.

Chrono diet recipes for dinner

As far as dinner is concerned, it should be light dinner meal.

Do not load your body in the evening with the starch, sweets, and also with heavy food combinations.

Chrono diet does not support this concept, but it is best to choose some lightweight protein ingredient – fish.

A good choice is a European hake or tuna with green salad.

Light green salad with tuna

Ingredients that you need for the recipe:

Green salad

– Tuna (canned)

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 3 tablespoons of salad dressing

Preparation of the recipe:

Wash the green salad well and dry, so cut it into small pieces.

Then add grinded garlic, and also add tuna in a salad bowl.

Mix all ingredients well and enjoy your Chrono diet.

You can prepare a salad dressing for a salad in a very simple way.

Place in one glass jar one part of lemon juice, 3 parts of olive oil and sea salt by your taste.

Cover the jar with a lid and also shake to create an emulsion.

Before you close the jar, you can add a variety of spices such as basil, garlic, and also other spices, which accepts your Chrono diet.

Share these useful Chrono diet recipes with your friends and also family members.


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