Cinnamon Accelerates Metabolism By 180%! The Fastest Way to Melt Fat Deposits!


American scientists have found that cinnamon contains an essential oil that stimulates metabolism while simultaneously triggering body fat burning in the body.

It is about cinnamaldehyde, organic matter that gives cinnamon tastes and also smells.

You can find compound cinnamaldehyde predominantly in its bark.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have found that cinnamaldehyde activates thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is the metabolic process of heat production in the body.

It is characteristic of warm-blooded animals and also humans.

This process is based on the oxidation of nutrients in cell mitochondria.

In other words, thermogenesis burns calories.

Cinnamon is the best spice to lose weight

The aforementioned process helps to stimulate weight loss.

In that way, we can conclude that cinnamon stimulates a whole range of metabolic processes.

The main author of the study, Jun Wu, a professor at the Life Sciences Institute, previously knew the benefits of cinnamaldehyde.

However, he wanted to have further research about this compound.

Together with his colleagues, he first experimented with them in laboratory mice, but also with human cells in the lab.

They tested the fat cells of volunteers and found increased expression of genes and enzymes.

That is also contributed to the acceleration of lipid metabolism after being processed with cinnamaldehydes up to 180 percent.

Jun Wu concluded that consuming cinnamon (or cinnamaldehyde) stimulates thermogenesis and fat burning processes in the body.

In addition, he will make further studies because only human cells in the laboratory have been tested out so far.

Also, Jun Wu says the results promise and could contribute to the suppression of the worldwide obesity epidemic.

Cinnamon is a part of nutrition for thousands of years.

Its application could be simpler and also more acceptable in suppressing obesity in patients than some other methods.

The historical use of cinnamon has also been recorded for over 4,000 years.

The oldest record of it is inspired by Jewish records.

In addition, the Old Testament mentions the creation of medicinal oil used for anointing.

In Ayurvedic medicine, essential cinnamon oil was used to calm the nerves and also muscles.

Ayurveda still considers it an ideal tool for digestive and diabetic problems today.

Cinnamon health benefits:

– Balance the blood sugar levels

– Treats fungal infections

– Alleviates stomach problems and infections

– It alleviates the headaches

– It is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals – anticancer

– Treats muscle pains

– It also helps with arthritis and osteoporosis

– Improve cognitive development and also memory

– One of the best weight loss ingredients

– Lowers triglycerides and cholesterol

– Fights diabetes

– Improves gum health and teeth

– Alleviates PMS

– It relieves throat inflammation, a cough and also cold

– It can also adjust menstrual cycle in women


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