Home Beauty Clay! Powerful Powder That Has Incredible Health Benefits For Your Precious Body!
Clay! Powerful Powder That Has Incredible Health Benefits For Your Precious Body!

Clay! Powerful Powder That Has Incredible Health Benefits For Your Precious Body!

Clay has a great power of absorption, it absorbs, drains and ejects impurities from your body.

Its treatment is antitoxin, increasing the defense of the body and organism, “gives life” cells and provides cells with vital energy, it speeds up the wounds healing, improves the absorption of food, cleanses the skin, a balance of flora in your gut and “evacuate” the toxic substances which are harmful to your health.

The Earth ingredient clay can help to your body

Where to buy and which to choose?

This ingredient is most desirable to buy in herbal pharmacies.

It`s produced in the form of granules or powder.

There are several types of this ingredient: green clay, red clay, yellow clay, gray clay, and also white clay.

However, green clay is most often used.

What are uses of clay?

This ingredient you can drink, mixed with water or for outdoor use (usually in the form of masks, bath and wrap).

It is prepared in a glass mixed with a wooden spoon.

In half a glass, add one teaspoon of this natural ingredient.

Let it stand for 2-3 hours (it can be longer time).

In the morning stir the liquid and drink on an empty stomach.

Drink only water (especially at the beginning), leave the clay falls to the bottom of the cup.

During these treatments with this ingredient, it is necessary to increase the intake of water which speeds up the process of removing harmful substances from the body.

Consuming this ingredient should not take longer than three weeks.

The effects and treatments with clay are very active, strong, your body needs to react to it, but sometimes it can make it worse instead of vice versa.

However, it is necessary to consult a physician before deciding to use this ingredient for treatment.

(Caution is especially recommended if you have high blood pressure, suffer from asthma or allergies).

Clay And Beauty

This ingredient is also used as a natural remedy for skin care face and body.

It`s very effective for the treatment of skin lesions and for its regeneration.

This ingredient may be used as a mask or bath.

As the bath is easily absorbed, it has a great beneficial effect on the whole body and organism because of reduces fatigue and stress, relaxes, and the skin becomes supple, healthy, elastic and soft.

Baths with this ingredient relieve muscle tension, reduces joint pain.


Add a powder of this ingredient in hot water for bathing.

Stay in the bath for about 30 minutes.

In order to uniformly act on the entire body, spread the clay on the whole body and leave it until it dries.

Then you should remove even the smallest trace of this ingredient of your skin (longer showering is the best way with lukewarm water).

This bath relaxes, releases of toxins and beauty aid.


Mask with this ingredient is used for deep cleansing.

Mix the clay with a little cold water, apply on your face (avoid the area around the eyes and lips).

After 10 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

However, this mask is best suited for oily skin – dry skin can further dry out.

Hair care

Mix the clay powder with olive oil, almond oil or wheat germ.

Apply to hair and leave on for about 20-30 minutes.

Then, it is necessary to rinse well.

The hair will be bright, clean and soft.

NOTE: After each use, throw the used ingredient because it`s picked up all the toxins from your body and do not use it again.



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