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Cleanse Liver From Fats With This Natural Beverage

Cleanse Liver From Fats With This Natural Beverage

Cleanse Liver

Cleanse liver is one of the most important things that we need to do always.

Liver, as you know is one very important organ in our body.

The function of the liver is to process consumed food and to discard all toxins, fats and all other harmful and dangerous substances which are entering in our organism.

Cleanse liver is important for our body

The action of liver plays a very great role in the overall health of the body.

All those dangerous and harmful processed foods and substances that liver is eliminating leave some severe consequences to it.

If the liver is in bad condition then it`s not functioning properly and has harmful effects on all other organs of our body.

That`s why we need to take care of liver`s health and cleanse liver from time to time.

When we detoxifying and cleanse liver frequently we are improving the function of all our body.

We will reveal for you one remarkable and natural beverage that will help you and cleanse liver.

After detoxifying the body with this natural and fantastic cleansing beverage, your important liver will function better and will “run as a clock”.

Cleanse liver beverage – recipe

Ingredients for the recipe:

– 250 gr. of fresh pears

– 125 gr. of fresh cabbage

– 25 gr. of celery

– 1 piece of ginger (2cm)

– 10 gr. of mint

– 1 lemon

– 500 ml of fresh water

Preparation of recipe:

First you need to chop the ginger, celery, cabbage and pears into small tiny pieces.

Put them in your blender with one glass of water and mix all together well.

Then, you can add the lemon juice, the mint and the rest of water in your blender and mix all together well.

How to use this cleanse liver beverage?

You need to drink this amazing natural beverage twice a day.

One glass in the morning and one glass in the evening.



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