Cloud Eggs, The Most Delicious Breakfast In The World! (RECIPE)

Cloud Eggs

Preparation of these Cloud Eggs is fairly simple, and the taste is incredible.

From ordinary ways that you cook eggs to your family every day, here we will show to you something new.

Also, the old ways of cooking eggs like an omelet with ham and cheese and other ways will not be interesting when it comes to eggs.

At the same time, when we speak about Cloud Eggs tastes are completely different.

Cloud eggs the new fashion in the cuisine

In addition, one way of preparation has definitely left breathless millions of people!

People all over the world are trying to make a new culinary hit –cloud eggs!

The recipe is actually very simple, and the taste and appearance are fantastic!

Recipe for cloud eggs

There are several easy ways to cook your eggs and we leave to you to choose which one is easier for you.

Ingredients that you need for the preparation of the recipe:

– 2 large eggs

– Salt – preferable sea salt (you can grind it first)

Black pepper

– All other supplements are by your wish and taste

Preparation of the recipe:

All you need to do is to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.

Mix the egg whites with the mixer until you get slightly stiff and fluffy mixture.

Put egg whites in the oven for about 3 minutes and after put also egg yolks over them.

Put them again in the oven for about 3 minutes or more until they are ready as you like.

Have a pleasant breakfast and enjoy your meal!

Here is a video to check and see how to prepare your cloud eggs for your family.

Do not forget to prepare and also share this “New Age” recipe with your friends and family members.

On that way, you will surprise them with one healthy breakfast in the morning.


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