CLOVE – Nostradamus protection and healing herb


Michel Nostradamus was not only a prophet, and a skilled astrologer.

During his life in France, he was much better known as a doctor.

When the plague swept France has made a great contribution to combating this terrible disease.

Although viruses are discovered only in the late 19th century, Nostradamus found that hygiene and vitamin C play a key role in the prevention of infection.

That is mainly comprised his treatment of patients suffering from the plague, and he scored a great success in preventing the spread of this disease.

He was therefore awarded in a kind of life-long financial support from the city authorities.

In addition to hygienic precautions and vitamin C, he was treated infected people with “pink pills”, which he made on the basis of its own prescriptions, and in their composition was used: Clove, iris, aloe vera, rose and cypress bark.

During epidemics, he visited many villages and treated a large number of people suffering from the plague.

This means that it constantly exhibited great risk of becoming a victim of the scourge – but the virus had sidestepped.

There was talking that virus had sidestepped him because as a protection against infection he had in his mouth a clove.

Whether it’s the little bud really saved him or simply he has been lucky and with very strong immunity, it cannot be said with certainty.

However, the fact is that the clove is a powerful antiseptic.

Clove has amazing health benefits

The medicinal properties of clove

Clove (Latin name: Syzygium aromaticum) contains caryophyllene, eugenoand tannins, substances that individually and jointly have a particularly strong antimicrobial activity.

So, clove definitely works against viruses, bacteria, fungal infection and even parasites.

In addition, this herb is a local anesthetic, so that clove oil can alleviate a toothache.

For this purpose, it is necessary to saturate a cotton pad and put it on the aching tooth or gums.

Another advantage is that clove oil on the spot at the same time will extract bacteria.

Previously, clove oil was intensively used in dentistry as an oral local anesthesia and as a disinfectant for dental root canals.

Clove oil is used for treating a hernia, diarrhea, for upset stomach and bad breath.

Chewing clove buds alleviate pain in the mouth and throat.

Clove tea helps in the treatment of respiratory infections.

Clove is also an excellent means for removing gas in the stomach, which develop a sense of bloating because it encourages the adoption of proper food and elimination of toxins.

In addition, relieves nausea and soothes the urge to vomit.

In addition medical community has an interest of clove due to their anti-cancerogenic properties or chemopreventive.

It contains a lot of antioxidants that are an ideal protection from free radicals on some organs, especially for liver.

Extract from cloves can imitate insulin in some ways and can help to control blood sugar level that can use people suffering from diabetes.

Eugenol and some flavonoids including rhamnetin and kaempferol are helping in function as anti-inflammatory substances.

In addition to all its healing properties, clove is still commonly used as a spice, especially in Asian countries.

It is seasoned with meat, meat products, sauces, sweet treats, cocktails and various teas from completely different plants.

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  1. Cloves have other health benefits… it all depends on the body type. For example, cinnamon is good for endomorphs but not so good for mesomorphs.

    You have shared good info on cloves.


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