Cocoa Powder Is A Strong Natural Remedy!

Cocoa Powder

The cocoa powder that we worship has the power of medicine.

Nowadays, diabetes is a major disaster of the modern age.

It is estimated that up to 2035 in the world there may be 592 million people with Type 2 diabetes.

Given the epidemic spread of diabetes, scientists are also trying to find new solutions to prevent this disease.

New research has found promising cacao powder therapy.

Namely, antioxidants from cocoa powder could significantly reduce the progression of diabetes!

Cocoa Powder

How to eat cocoa powder

Well, cocoa powder doesn`t have same taste such as chocolate.

However, you can use many ways to consume this powder.

You can purchase bars from raw chocolate that usually contain a sweetener (natural).

Just to mention the health benefits of cocoa powder:

– Prevents oxidative stress

– Lowers high blood pressure

– Can prevent heart diseases

– Also, can improve your cognitive function

– Reduces constipation

– Reduces obesity

– Enhances mood

– Also can treat brain disorders

– Decrease chronic fatigue syndrome

– It has anti-cancer properties

– Reduces bad cholesterol

– Also, improves insulin resistance and diabetes

– Protects your skin

– Also protects your teeth

– Helps healing wounds

– Helps your lungs

– Decreases negative effect of magnesium deficiency

Why can cocoa powder therapy help?

Insulin problem

Basically, diabetes is a disorder linked to insulin, a hormone that produces, stores, and also releases pancreatic beta cells.

In addition, insulin is responsible for controlling and regulating blood sugar levels.

It also prevents the growing of sugar level so high that it harms the blood vessels and organs.

In diabetes type 1, the human pancreas produces a small amount or no insulin.

People with type 2 diabetes may have more insulin but it does not work well because their tissues are less susceptible to it.

Therefore, they must inject additional doses of insulin to make the hormone produce a regulatory effect on blood sugar.

Role of beta cells

Studies have shown that in type 2 diabetes, besides reduced sensitivity of the tissue to insulin, there is also an increased dehydration of the beta cell.

This disorder causes less insulin production and also the faster progression of the disease.

Guided by this knowledge, Brigham Young University scientists from the Utah State University have started to explore the potential for boosting beta cell activity to produce higher amounts of insulin.

They suggest that the ingredient catechin in cacao powder is useful in the fight against diabetes.


Earlier research has found that beta cells are highly susceptible to free radicals and also the oxidative stress they cause.

This has inspired scientists to carefully study the effect of antioxidant flavonols from cocoa.

Of all the flavanols, antioxidant compounds, catechin was the most effective.

Experiments have shown that nutrition rich in this ingredient reduces obesity and also improves sugar regulation.

The scientists then investigated the mechanism by which catechin acts on the beta cell.

The molecule of catechin increases cell resistance to oxidative stress.

In addition, catechin strengthens the mitochondria, the parts of the beta cells that serve as a source of cellular energy.

It is encouraging them to produce more insulin, and also makes the organism more resistant to oxidative stress.”

Too much chocolate is not a solution

However, the authors point out that consuming a larger quantity of chocolate for this purpose would not provide protection against diabetes.

You need to consume too much chocolate to have enough catechin for preventive effects.

However, that is harmful as chocolate also contains sugar.

On the basis of the discovery of catechin, scientists are looking for a way to isolate this natural ingredient from cocoa powder due to its use as e cure.

For example, in the form of a capsule with a cocoa extract that contains a standard dose of catechin.

These findings will help us make better use of flavanols in food or nutritional supplements for better blood glucose control and due to the delay or prevention of type 2 diabetes,” says Dr. Endr Nilson of the University of Virginia, who participated in the study.

Other benefits of flavanol

Other studies have shown other flavanol benefits from cocoa powder.

These ingredients reduce arterial pressure and also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, flavanols are potential agents for cancer prevention and cognitive disorders.

Flavanols belong to a large group of antioxidants of polyphenols, which include flavonols, isoflavones, anthocyanins, and also phenols.

Other significant antioxidants are:

Vitamin A – Orange, broccoli, peppers, mango, kiwi

Vitamin E – nuts, seeds, grain of whole grain, vegetable oils, avocado

Beta-carotene – carrot, orange, apricot, pumpkin, mango

Lycopene – tomato (cooked), watermelon, carrot, papaya, mango

Isoflavones – soy, tofu, lentil, peas, milk

Flavonols – cocoa, tea, green tea, citrus, black wine, garlic, apples

Catechins – cocoa, black chocolate, tea

Anthocyanins – carrot, blueberry, red wine

Indoli – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage

Melanoidins – roasted coffee beans


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