Here Is What Coconut Oil Can Do To A Sick Body!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best natural gifts.

Do you know all health benefits of coconut oil?

Several studies have officially confirmed that one of the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer is colon cancer.

Only in America each year statistic record 95,000 new cases!

Nearly half of patients with colon cancer, unfortunately, do not survive the disease.

That is because chemotherapy and surgery are not successful with any form of cancer.

In addition, the radiation and chemotherapy have dangerous side effects.

But US scientists have recently published the result of the study, during which it was noted that lauric acid from coconut oil has great potential to destroy cancer cells!

Moreover, they claim that they discover that this substance can in very short time destroy as much as 90 percent of cancer cells.

However, it should be noted that the experiment carried out in the Petri dish and it has not been applied to living organisms.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry stopped the investigation of the positive effects of coconut oil.

The explanation is that the reason is the “lack of money”.

However, so far is proven that coconut oil has incredibly good effects on the skin.

Also, lauric acid from this oil is actually a compound that has the mother’s milk, which is the best immunity enhancer.

The American Society for the dietetic nutrition says that coconut oil can protect us from various diseases.

Among 101 health benefits of coconut oil are:

– It is reducing osteoporosis

– Can treat diabetes

– It is reducing gallbladder infections

– It helps weight loss

– Can treat infectious diseases such as herpes and hepatitis C

– It can also help against Alzheimer’s disease

However, there are plenty of people who claim that this oil is helping in the treatment of cancer.

At the same time, this amazing natural oil is reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

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