Coffee? 13 Proven Health Benefits (No.1 Is My Favorite)



A lot of studies conducted recently have shown that coffee is actually beneficial for our health.

Nowadays, scientists and their community no longer think that drinking coffee is a bad idea.

There are researches that prove to drink this world spread drink can have amazing benefits for our health.

Coffee is beneficial for our health

Here are the reasons why

-1. It can make you smarter and improve your energy levels

Stimulant called caffeine at this drink can increase your energy levels and help you feel less tired.

In addition, caffeine blocks adenosine – an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

Coffee improves different aspects of your brain function.

This includes mood, energy levels, memory, reaction times, vigilance and general your cognitive function.

-2. Coffee actually connects with decreased deaths

One Harvard study in 2008 found that drinking this famous drink was not connected with increased deaths in either women or men.

-3. It protects from liver illnesses

A recent study in Singapore (2014) found that if you drink 2 or more cups every day, it will decrease by 66 % the risk to die from liver cirrhosis.

-4. It decreases the risk of suicide and depression

The Harvard study in 2011 found that women who drunk 4 or more cups of this drink have by 20 % lower risk of depression (caffeinated coffee).

One earlier study that was published in 1996 revealed that people who drunk 4 or more cups of this drink have about 53 % less chance to commit suicide.

-5. It protects from heart illnesses

The study of Kaiser Permanente Division found that people who drink coffee have lees chance to have heart rhythm disturbances.

In 2012, the USA study found that people who drank 4 cups every day had about 11 % lower risk of heart breakdown.

-6. It helps you live longer

The study of National Institutes of Health in 2013 found the connection between longevity and coffee.

It was found that people who drink decaf and caffeinated coffee had lower risk ti die respiratory and heart illnesses, injuries, infections, accidents and stroke.

-7. It protects women from stroke

One Swedish study in 2011had been followed more than 30,000women for ten years.

It was found that 1 cup of this drink lowers the risk of dangerous stroke for 22 – 25 %.

-8. It fights against Parkinson`s disease

One Portuguese study in 2010revealed that people who regularly drink 2 -3 cups per day had for 25 % lower chance develop Parkinson`s disease.

The study at McGill University in 2012 found that this drink might help and treat motion impairment.

-9. It can protect from diabetes type 2

One study at Harvard in 2014 confirmed the findings that participants which increase the intake of this drink by more than 1 cup per day for more than 4 years had by 11 % lower diabetes type 2.

-10. It decreases the risk of some dangerous cancers

One Italian study in 2013 found that consummation of this drink decreases the risk of dangerous liver cancer by 40 %.

People who consumed 3 cups per day had 50 % lower risk to get liver cancer.

Some other studies found a connection between coffee and lower risk of estrogen-negative breast cancer, endometrial and aggressive prostate.

-11. Fights against Alzheimer`s disease

There is new Italian study that is published in the Journal of Alzheimer`s Disease which discovers that drinking 1-2 cups of coffee every day will significantly decrease the incidence of mild cognitive impairment.

That precedes Alzheimer`s disease and dementia.

-12. It can help you burn fats

Nowadays, you can find caffeine in almost each commercial fat burning product.

The reason for that is because caffeine is a rare natural substance that was proved to aid fat burning.

-13. In the Western diet is the biggest source of antioxidants

This worldwide spread drink contains an extensive (massive) quantity of antioxidants.

Therefore, for some people coffee is one of the healthiest drinks on our planet.

Note: There are just a few reasons why you should not drink coffee in the morning.


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