Colon Cleaning In 2 Weeks – Remove 8 Kg Of Waste From Your Body With These Recipes

Colon Cleaning

Colon cleaning is important for our health because on that way we will clean toxins from our body.

Colon function is one of the important functions in our body which is maintaining the balance of water in our body and is regulating our immune system.

Cleaning toxins are one of the ways to have a healthy body and avoid serious health problems.

All food that is consumed should pass through our body within 24 hours.

The food that is not healthy, without enzymes and fiber may need up to 70 hours and that is creating big waste deposits in our colon.

Colon cleaning is important for our health

One of the first signs that our colon is blocked is constipation.

Here are the other symptoms which are signs that we need colon cleaning:

– Poor health

– Flatulence

– Fatigue

Vaginal infection or bladder infection

– Anxiety


– Mood swings

– Abdominal pain

– Poor memory


– Skin rashes

Pain in the joints and muscles

– Weak immune system

Colon cleaning within 10 – 16 days

Ingredients you need for this recipe:

– 1/2 squeezed fresh lemon juice

– 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper powder

– 2 tbsp of organic maple syrup

– 300ml of clean filtered water

Preparation and use of recipe:

First, you need to mix all ingredients together.

You need to consume the mixture about 5-8 times per day for the next 10 days or more.

Here is another very effective colon cleaning recipe

Ingredients for this recipe:

– 10 drops of peppermint essential oil

– 1 fresh squeezed organic lemon

Preparation and use of recipe:

Mix all ingredients together with 250ml of clean filtered water.

You will have an amazing result after 2 weeks.

Essential oils are rich with nutrients that are easily absorbed and also have a great effect for colon cleaning.

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