COMFREY – naturally regenerate cells


Comfrey herb (Symphytum officinale- Latin name) thrives in almost any soil. Comfrey often grows along roadsides, in fields, in gardens, although most likes shade and moist meadows. Once rooted it`s difficult to eradicate.

Comfrey for centuries successfully was used to treat rheumatism, gout and all diseases of the joints of bones.

There is even a saying, “that the two fingers coalesced into one if it were bound root of comfrey.”

This plant contains hormone auxin, which quickly generates new tissue, so that accelerates wound healing quickly and allantoin as the main active ingredient of the root, which stimulates granulation and tissue regeneration.

Comfrey is a forgotten herb?

Comfrey is more than an excellent natural remedy for inflammation of the tendons, arthritis (inflammation of joints of bones), joint of bones swelling, sprains or dislocations, fractures, pain in the back and limbs, vertebral defects and osteoporosis.

Comfrey is also a remedy against hematoma, thrombophlebitis (inflammation of veins), varicose and open veins, hemorrhoids, circulatory disorders and similar diseases.

Wraps of comfrey in the form of a tincture are a real balm for all types of both external and internal wounds, and in other body injuries such as bleeding, bruises, lacerations, bone fractures, festering bones and similar.

It is recommended that in cases of internal bleeding, either from the lungs, stomach, intestines and uterus.

In some parts of Ireland, comfrey is eaten as a remedy for circulation and improves blood counts, which is considered to be completely safe and harmless natural plant.

For external use is the best to use the freshly scraped root of comfrey.

In case that is not available is used tincture of this plant.

Thanks to its great power to regenerate cells, tincture of comfrey is a valuable natural remedy to rejuvenate sagging, aging and wrinkled face and hands, against wrinkles (especially around the eyes) and renewing damaged skin by using artificial cosmetics or due to excessive sun exposure.

After prolonged use tinctures, the skin on the hands and face are completely regenerated and revitalize.

Comfrey tea against stomach ulcer


Two small spoons root of comfrey good chop and soak in a cup of cold water.

Cover and leave to stand overnight.

In the morning, slightly warm, strain and drink in small sips throughout the day.

Besides can cure stomach ulcer, this tea is useful to drink in cases of difficult digestion, kidney disease, excessive menstrual bleeding, inflammation of lung tissue, bloody cough and problems with the bronchi.

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