Corn Is The Most Unhealthy Food For Weight loss!


While everyone is advised to eat as many vegetables as they apply to the healthiest foods, you need to avoid corn when you like to lose weight.

This vegetable is the most irresistible and it also makes your diet more difficult.

Scientists at Harvard University have proven that some varieties of vegetables do not actually contribute to weight loss.

At the same time, they may also affect the digestion.

In the study, which lasted for 20 years, 130,000 people participated.

The scientists also followed their eating habits as well as the foods they consume.

Based on the data obtained, experts have determined which vegetables actually contribute to gaining weight.

With the utmost certainty, they confirmed that vegetables corn, potatoes, and also peas are the foods that gain weight.

Avoid corn during weight loss treatments

Corn (Maize) showed that is the worst vegetable during weight loss treatments.

The result was 0.9 kilograms over two years since the increase in the portion of this vegetable.

The reason for this is a high glycemic index.

In addition, it is doing an intense increase in blood sugar after consumption.

That also affects the increase in hunger.

It’s interesting to note that people who consume healthy foods, rich in fiber-like vegetables, like beans, have lost weight after some time.

Therefore, you need to be careful and also choose the right food during your weight loss treatments.

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