Home Health Coronary Disease Is Fatal For Women! The First Symptoms Remind Us Of Menopause!
Coronary Disease Is Fatal For Women! The First Symptoms Remind Us Of Menopause!

Coronary Disease Is Fatal For Women! The First Symptoms Remind Us Of Menopause!

Although considered a disease of men, data show that coronary disease is also equally present in women.

Namely, the statistics of developed countries say that every third woman dies of heart and blood disorders.

The experts say that women insufficiently take care of the state of the health of the heart and blood vessels.

At the same time, they only decide to visit the cardiologist until the symptoms and signs of the disease appear.

Coronary disease

Coronary disease is a blood vessel disease that nourishes the heart muscle

Depending on the mechanism of origin, this disease can be manifested by a number of different symptoms and also signs.

They are associated with the reduction of the supply of heart muscle by blood.

This complex pathological process is called ischemia.

Ischemia has its manifestations like stable and unstable angina pectoris and also heart infarction.

These are the most common manifestations and are also the consequences that leave the most alarming heart disease in women.

Therefore, it is important to do more work in the field of education for the prevention of this disease.

In addition, we need to put an accent on the importance of regular preventive heart and blood checking.

The coronary disease progresses slowly and also without any symptoms

The first sign of the disease is usually chest pain in the form of clamping, pressure, accompanied by a sense of lack of air, nausea, and also sweating.

A typical clinical picture of coronary disease in women is often masked by menopausal symptoms.

Also, coronary disease develops later in women than in men.

Usually, hat condition is attributed to age and people visit too late the cardiologist.

Moreover, they visit the cardiologist when their blood vessels are thinner, so treatment is more difficult.

That’s why the regular heart and also blood tests are important in the prevention of severe consequences.

In addition, in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, coronary catheterization plays an important role.

Specially designed catheters enter the coronary circulation and with the help of the RTG apparatus of the last generation, they observe the state of blood vessels, spot the disorders and damage the level of blood vessels, and get a precise image that gives a further course of treatment.

For prevention, it is important to adopt healthy habits and also eliminate so-called risk factors for coronary disease.

The risk factors for coronary disease are:

– High blood pressure


– Overweight

– Elevated cholesterol

– Also, elevated triglyceride levels

– Physical inactivity

– Also, stress


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