Cucumber! Discover Why This Vegetable Is On The List Of SuperFoods!



Now is the season of cucumber – vegetable, which is considered one of the best foods for the general health of the organism.

Find out why this vegetable carries attribute superfoods.

Cucumber is considered the 4th most cultivated and used vegetable in the world.

Cucumber – superfood for your overall health

Take advantage of this vegetable and treat your body with this beneficial food.

The benefits that cucumber provides

-1. Cucumber is a rich source of vitamin B.

Therefore, do not miss it and enter a fresh cucumber in your body every day.

-2. It eliminates toxins and hydrates the body

Cucumber hydrates your body and eliminates toxins because 95 percent of its content is water.

These vegetable contain the most vitamins that the body needs for every day.

Do not peel it because the skin is rich in vitamin C – 10 percent of the recommended daily dose which had to be taken in the body.

-3. It is good for the skin and hair.

It helps to sunburn and skin irritation.

Peel the cucumber skin and put on lit places.

Its anti-inflammatory properties will alleviate inflammation.

Due to the high content of silicon and sulfur, promotes faster hair growth.

Chop the cucumber into slices and put all over your skin on the face.

On this way, you will naturally and easy clean skin with mineral salts that are in the composition of this vegetable.

-4. It acts as a cure and prevention of many diseases.

Because of its composition, contains polyphenols – lignans ( secoisolariciresinol, lariciresinol and pinoresinol), cucumber reduces the risk of several types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and uterus cancer.

In addition, it contains phytonutrients – cucurbitacins that have anti-cancer properties.

It can treat diabetes, reduces cholesterol and keeps under control blood pressure.

Namely, the cucumber juice contains a hormone that is used by pancreas cells to produce insulin which is very good for diabetics.

Potassium contained in this vegetable helps for the regulation of blood pressure and is recommended for people with high blood pressure to include it in the daily diet.

-5. It helps with weight loss and digestion.

Daily consumption of this vegetable can be considered as a very important step towards getting better body line.

It is recommended to all those who are trying to lose weight because it contains a lot of water in it and dietary fiber which releases the body of toxins.

-6. Freshen your breath

If you have problems with unpleasant smell, cucumber can help.

Hold the disc of cucumber in the mouth for 30 seconds and will help kill the bacteria in the mouth that are causing bad breath.

-7. It helps in getting rid of cellulite.

So, we know that in the struggle with cellulite is recommended taking a large quantity of water on a daily basis.

As we already mentioned, the cucumber is more than abundant water, and eating this vegetable encourage extraction of water from the body and toxins.

It helps with kidney stones and urinary bladder.

-8. Protect your brain

This vegetable contains fisetin – an anti-inflammatory flavonol that plays an important role in the health of your brain.

In addition, it`s protecting your nerve cells and is improving your memory.

-9. Manage stress

With multiple B vitamins which include vitamin B1, B5 and B7 – biotin helps calm feelings of anxiety and also buffer damaging effects of dangerous stress.



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