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Cupping Therapy Removes Colds, Coughs, Strokes, And More!

Cupping Therapy Removes Colds, Coughs, Strokes, And More!

During the cupping therapy, therapists use special glasses – cups, which are heated and also placed on the skin.

Because of the heating of the glass, it`s creating a vacuum, which acts on the skin and tissue.

Therapists are leaving glass for a few minutes, giving it a relaxing and also detoxifying effect.

It has been confirmed that the effect of the glass penetrates into the body up to 10 cm.

Health benefits of cupping therapy

This therapy:

– Stimulates the release of toxins

– Activates the lymphatic system

– Releases blockage in the body

– Cleans and activates blood vessels

– Also cleans arteries and capillaries

– Smoothes the stretch marks and scars

– Cleanses the skin and improves its appearance

Therapists in Chinese traditional medicine also use this therapy to stimulate and open the meridians of the body.

In addition, you can use cupping therapy separately or in combination with other methods.

Those methods can be a manual therapy, acupuncture, and others.

Therapists also use cupping therapy to treat:

– Cold


– Bronchitis

– Lung inflammation



– Stretch marks

– Scars

– Trauma and also sports injuries

– Lymph drainage

Body detoxification

– Relaxation, etc.

Cupping therapy is simple, efficient, and also harmless.

You can learn it quickly and use it in your home together with other natural methods.

First of all, it should be noted that the bruises are the result of extremely strong blood circulation in the small area.

This is the loss of soft subcutaneous tissue.

They are not as dangerous as hematomas and also they are generally less frequent as therapy is more frequent.

How massive the bruises will be, depends primarily on the quality of the skin and tissue.

Also, it depends on natural circulation as well as the intensity of the treatment.

That is why this treatment is a favorite at some people in the autumn-winter period when it comes to cellulite and tightening of the skin.

At the same time, this type of therapy is practicing in the back during the whole year.

It is worth to mention that with this therapy you can remove stretch marks after childbirth and pregnancy.

Relax and use this therapy for you and also recommend to your friends and family members.



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