Home Drinks Cure A Nagging Cough Or Inflammation Of The Lungs With This Quick Trick
Cure A Nagging Cough Or Inflammation Of The Lungs With This Quick Trick

Cure A Nagging Cough Or Inflammation Of The Lungs With This Quick Trick

Nagging Cough

Coughing is something that all people all over the world had been experienced.

There are different types of coughing, but all of them are curable.

Do you have a nagging cough that looks to be invincible?

A nagging cough and a natural way to cure

We have a great recipe for a nagging cough.

That is one tea recipe that will help you with your nagging cough and will clean your lungs in no time.

This recipe that we will present to you in this article should help your body`s efforts to breathe better and stop coughing.

This tea recipe is especially good for people suffering from cold and flu infections.

There is a strong numbing effect coming from the herbs used in it and are calming your throat and your pain.

If you have a case of intense lung irritation, you can boost the tea with mullein, but this is not used very often.

The efficiency of this herbal mixture is not a question.

Definitely, this is a strong recipe as any commercial syrup for a cough and provides fast results.

Additionally, this amazing natural remedy is bringing benefits to our overall body health.

As you know the most of the commercial syrups for a cough have a lot of chemical agents which can decrease our capacity of the immune system.

The recipe for a nagging cough

Ingredients for the recipe:

– ½ teaspoon of turmeric

– ½ teaspoon of thyme

– ½ teaspoon of cloves

– 2 teaspoons of honey

– 1 bag of green tea

Lemon juice made from half a lemon

Preparation of the recipe:

You need to boil water and place the water in one coffee mug.

Immediately after that, put a green tea bag and the herbs inside the coffee mug.

You need to wait 3 min. so the herbs can take effect.

Now you can put honey and lemon juice and stir the mixture.

Chronic coughing and lung inflammation issues may suggest candida yeast overgrowth located in the gastrointestinal tract.

If you have chronic coughing problems, doctors will first examine your lungs for signs of lung cancer.

Source: healthwyze.org



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